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    5 Tips for Better Road Trip Photos


    Are you heading out on a road trip anytime soon? Packing up the car and hitting the road with friends, family, or even running solo can make for a great adventure.

    But as photographers, our thoughts aren’t just on the experience itself. Documenting it with your camera adds to the occasion for creative types, but doing it on the road adds another level of challenge!

    Here’s a 2-minute video from Tajreen&Co which outlines 5 top tips for getting better road trip photos, that make for better memories and pictures.

    5 Top Tips for Getting Better Road Trip Photos

    1. Shoot with the kit you already have – even your phone!
    2. Interact with your environment
    3. Exaggerate your shots – explore angles and backdrops
    4. Capture moments and emotions – it’s all about the experience
    5. Plan your shoots even on a road trip

    What are your tips for achieving better road trip photos?

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