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    6 benefits of using a tripod in your photography

    The post 6 Advantages of using a tripod in your photography first appeared at Digital Photography School. It is written by Jeremy Flint.

    Tripods are a great accessory to have and can help you enormously with your photography. There are currently a large number of different tripods available in various shapes and sizes, from compact to large devices. Stands are available for all types of budgets and are available in a range of materials from aluminum to carbon fiber.

    With the high ISO functionality and the faster shutter speed options of modern cameras, you might wonder why I even need a tripod? Depending on your photography genre, tripods can be a versatile and useful support. If you don't have one yet and want to add one to the photography kit bag, here are six reasons why a tripod can be useful for your photography.

    1. Ability to photograph in low light

    Tripod 01

    The Giant ' s Causeway, Northern Ireland © Jeremy Flint

    Whatever your preferred type, a tripod is an essential tool for photography, especially in low light. In these situations there comes a time when you can no longer hold the camera stably in your hand. The use of a tripod will help you enormously.

    2. Ability to photograph long exposures

    With a tripod you can capture a longer exposure by using a slower shutter speed of a few seconds. This helps to minimize the risk of movement. While taking a long exposure, using a tripod will allow much more light to enter the camera than would be possible if you held a photo in your hand.

    Tripod 02

    Guernsey © Jeremy Flint

    In this way you are also able to capture motion in your images, which would not be possible if you held the camera in your hands. Examples of this are movement in cloud formations or lightpaths.

    3. Better stability

    One of the best reasons to use a tripod is that it offers stability to the camera. It also avoids camera shake by the user, especially in those situations where longer exposure times are required. When shooting something from sunset to starry night, fireworks or the moon, you need the stability that a tripod offers, especially to hold the camera in place.

    Tripod 03

    The Lakes area © Jeremy Flint

    A tripod can also be advantageous in extreme weather conditions such as heavy wind. By placing your camera on a tripod, you can take a more stable photo because the tripod provides the much needed stability in stormy conditions.

    4. Sharper images

    Tripods are a great package for taking sharper photos. One of the biggest mistakes newbie photographers make when shooting in low light is that they try to take too many shots in their hands and end up with blurry photos. A tripod helps you achieve more accurate margins.

    5. More time to take photos

    Tripod 04

    Corfe Castle, UK © Jeremy Flint

    The entire photographic process takes much longer if you use a tripod. Instead of taking direct shots in your hand, setting up a tripod and placing your camera slows down this and effectively gives you more time when taking photos.

    If you use a tripod when shooting, you must take the time to take a shot and then have more time to compile your photo. The extra time you spend preparing your tripod can be an investment, because it allows you to focus more on your imaging. This in turn can result in better pictures.

    6. Ability to frame photos and adjust them with ease

    Once the camera is mounted on the tripod, you will discover that you can easily make subtle changes to your frame. When you do this, there is also limited movement by moving the camera in any direction, up and down, or left and right.

    Tripod 05

    Ljubljana, Slovenia © Jeremy Flint

    In addition to these benefits associated with the camera, another blessing with a tripod is that the weight of the camera is literally lifted off your shoulders when you place it on one of the two. In addition to holding your camera, a tripod can also be used as a standard for lighting or reflectors if necessary.

    Whether a tripod is suitable for you depends on what kind of photography you do and what your photographic needs are. If you enjoy taking photos of landscapes and architecture, a tripod is a must-have accessory. If you find that tripods are generally too heavy to take with you or are not necessarily needed for low-light photography, a monopod is a great alternative that is lighter and can also be used as a walking stick.


    In summary, tripods are a wonderful addition to our camera equipment and should be used to your advantage in low light and when shooting longer exposures.

    They help you by providing more stability, slowing you down when taking photos and facilitating minimal movements when framing and capturing your photos.

    The post 6 Advantages of using a tripod in your photography first appeared at Digital Photography School. It is written by Jeremy Flint.

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