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    App date your Selfies


    With a new year just around the corner, what better time is there to make your selfie game and lift your Instagram account to a higher level? Fortunately, you don't have to do all the hard work alone, because there are some great apps ready to turn your selfies into works of art that are worth being on the front page of a magazine.

    Below are five apps for your selfie game:

    YouCam – Magic Selfie Cam (iOS, Android)

    YouCam is a fun selfie app with which you can experiment with different looks and give your photos something extra ' s. With real-time makeover you can try different styles, a great way to test what looks and what doesn't, then you can save new make-up selfies that you can share on social media. A great feature that comes with real-time makeovers is mashup videos, with which you can create short videos of all the different makeup styles you've tried. Another great feature is the ability to try different hair styles and colors, it feels like everyone is shocking with a bright pink haired selfie now and without having to dye your hair. YouCam also includes all the important tools to smooth out your skin and adjust exposure so that every selfie shows you at its best.

    Bricks Camera (iOS)

    Brick Camera is an app that just wants to have some fun with selfies and wants to get away from the serious perfect airbrush style that can be found everywhere on Instagram. With Brick Camera you can change your selfies or any photo that you have on your phone into a brightly colored mosaic image. You choose the size of the stones that will make up your image, allowing you to create some very interesting works of art, you can even make gifs of your Stone selfies to really cheer up your Instagram account.

    fabby (iOS, Android)

    fabby is all about taking your selfies and adding a bit of glitter and sparkle, so that they are sure to attract everyone's attention on social media. With face detection, fabby recognizes your facial features and hair, which means you can add makeup and dye your hair with just a few clicks. The embellishment tool works its magic to remove skin stains and enhance your photo and give you the true model look. fabby don't stop there, because you can also change the background of your image with tons of fun, sparkling backgrounds that make your selfie pop.

    Sweet Selfie – live photo, beauty cam, edit selfie (Android)

    Dear selfie is a great all-in-one app with all the tools you need to ensure that you really look like you belong on the front of a magazine, while you also get fun backgrounds and sticker packages to turn model shots into nice party selfies. Enhancement tools include everything from removing skin imperfections to whitening teeth and adjusting your hair color. If that's not enough, you can have a little fun by adding text and stickers to your image and even creating stylish collages that are perfect for sharing on Instagram.

    Relook (iOS)

    Relook gives you access to professional tools that you can use with Fashion style selfie that you can be proud of. Relook comes with a whole range of tools, including retouching a magic tool that gives you the power to get rid of skin imperfections, such as pores and wrinkles, giving you a clear and smooth natural appearance. Relook also comes with soft-color tone adjustment that works to change the exposure of your image, brighten eyes, remove redness and adjust the background for that professional-looking portrait. With lens distortion you can even shape parts of your face, make your nose a little thinner and make your lips a little bit fuller. Relook is a must for a selfie fanatic and takes your recordings to a higher level.

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