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    App-Up Your Bank Balance


    Below are five apps that will earn you money:

    Sweatcoin (iOS, Android)

    Looking to earn money but don’t have the time to dedicate to completing tasks in exchange for a few dollars, luckily with Sweatcoin all you have to do is walk around your life as normal and watch as the coins build up. Sweatcoin works as a pedometer in the background logging every step you take throughout the day, for each step you earn Sweatcoins that can be traded for purchases and even Paypal credit. As an added bonus you get a free pedometer allowing you to stay healthy and track how many steps you are walking.

    Sweatcoin – Sweat for Coins (Free, App Store) →

    Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit (Free, Google Play) →

    Beer Money – Make Money Online (Android)

    With Beer Money you can earn cash by completing simple tasks that take no more than a few minutes. Watch short videos, try out free awesome apps and complete surveys while you watch the cash build up. Beer Money pays straight into your Paypal so that you are guaranteed a safe way to receive your money with no limits as to how you can spend it. Thanks to Beer Money earning a little extra beer money doesn’t have to involve completing boring and time-consuming tasks but can instead become a fun part of your daily routine.

    Beer Money – Make Money Online (Free, Google Play) →

    Swagbuck (iOS, Android)

    Earn gift cards with Swagbucks to spend with your favorite retailers including Amazon, Target and Expedia all you have to do is share feedback on a topics such as movies, TV shows and your shopping experiences. Swagbucks is a great way to discover new and trending videos and what is even better is you can earn money for watching them. Shop at your favorite stores and leave feedback about your experience. Swagbucks incorporates earning gift cards into your everyday life.

    Swagbucks (Free, App Store) →

    Swagbucks – Best App that Pays (Free, Google Play) →

    AppTrailers (iOS, Android)

    Earn Paypal credit with AppTrailers by watching trailers, completing quizzes and testing your knowledge with daily trivia you earn points that you can exchange for Paypal credit that you can spend just as you would real cash. Play 10 daily questions and use your knowledge to earn points, just like being on a real game show. Enjoy over 5000 questions in trivia mode and watch trailers for awesome videos, earning cash while you learn about some amazing films.

    AppTrailers (Free, App Store) →

    AppTrailers (Free, Google Play) →

    iPoll (iOS, Android)

    Earn gift cards and airline credit just for sharing your opinion with iPoll, take part in surveys that are tailored to suit your interests. Also earn credit by completing missions, use your next shopping trip as a great way to earn credit by taking pictures of your purchases or take part in product trials, a great way to learn and try out some of the latest and hottest products on the market.

    iPoll (Free, App Store) →

    iPoll – Make money on surveys (Free, Google Play) →


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