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    App Your Way through Christmas


    Below are five apps to help you get through Christmas stress-free:

    The Christmas Gift List

    The Christmas Gift List allows you to take back control of your Christmas shopping, managing everything from your budget to how many presents you have left to wrap. Create lists for all of the important people in your life with the gift you plan on buying for them, the store it’s in and the price.  You can tick off what you’ve purchased after each shopping trip and even keep track of when presents are wrapped so that you don’t find yourself knee deep in wrapping on Christmas Eve. The app also includes some super useful graphs that show what you have left to buy, wrap and even the gifts you have already given ensuring that you stay in control.

    The Christmas Gift List ($1.99, App Store) →

    Christmas Gift List

    Christmas Gift List makes Christmas shopping easier than ever before giving you the tools to organize the whole gift buying process before you even hit the shops. Create a list of all the people that you need to buy gifts for, then click on their name and add a list of all the presents that you need to buy along with their prices. You can then easily amend you list, track your budget and even tick off when you’ve wrapped presents. You can even send your lists to friends and family so that Dad doesn’t end of with three new wallets on Christmas morning.

    Christmas Gift List (Free+, Google Play) →

    1000 Christmas Recipes

    Planning and cooking the ultimate Christmas dinner just got a lot easier thanks to 1000 Christmas Recipes, you can scroll through and view Christmas recipes and easily save them to your bookmarks allowing you to build the perfect meal. Each recipe gives you clear steps that are easy to follow and won’t leave you an overheated mess in the kitchen on Christmas Day. Now all you have to do is pick your dishes, note down the ingredients, follow a few simple steps and sit back and enjoy as everyone enjoys your Christmas cooking.

    1000 Christmas Recipes (Free, Google Play) →

    The Christmas Card List

    Keeping track of Christmas cards is no easy task, who sent you one last year, who do you need to add to your list this year and most importantly who have you already sent a card to. The Christmas Card List has you covered and will ensure that you never forget to send an all-important Christmas card again. You can easily create a list that shows you all of the people you received a card from and who you’ve sent a card to and because the app conveniently shows these two lists side-by-side you can check to make sure you’ve sent a card to everyone who you’ve received a card from. You can also store addresses in the app and with just a few clicks print labels saving you the hours upon hours it takes to write addresses on envelopes.

    The Christmas Card List (Free+, App Store) →


    With all the Christmas stress sometimes you just need a little time to step back and relax and Calm is the perfect app to help you. Calm is designed to help you combat anxiety, manage stress and achieve a restful night’s sleep so you’re ready for all the festive fun ahead. You can choose from a quick three-minute meditation all the way up to a full half an hour, meaning that no matter how busy you are you will always be able to fit a little bit of you time into your day. There are also hundreds of sleep stories to help you unwind and drift off to sleep as well as ten-minute programs designed to help you feel calm and in the right headspace before heading to bed.

    Calm (Free+, App Store) →

    Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax (Free+, Google Play) →

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