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    Apple raises bug premiums in security push


    Apple extends the scope and financial rewards of its bug bounty program and offers up to $ 1 million to security researchers who find errors in the full range of products.

    Three years ago, the company launched a bug bounty program for iOS, which offered up to $ 200,000 to ethical hackers who reported vulnerabilities responsibly.

    Now the program has been extended to Mac OS, Apple TV, Apple Watch and iPad OS. IPads currently work on iOS, but later this year a new operating system will be rolled out to compatible tablets.

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    Apple bug bounty

    For all devices, the maximum premium of $ 1 million is available for those who find advanced security errors, while $ 500,000 is given for reporting errors that could potentially result in the loss of user data. There is also a 50 percent bonus if the vulnerability is discovered in a beta version of software.

    According to Bloomberg, Apple's chief security engineer, Ivan Krstic, told the Black Hat Cyber ​​Security Conference in Las Vegas that it would increase the number of researchers who could participate and hand out special versions of the iPhone.

    These iPhones will apparently disable certain cyber security functions and allow deeper access to the platform. The expansion of the program is expected to start early next year.

    The steps are, in a sense, aimed at addressing criticism that the monetary rewards offered were too low given the importance Apple attaches to the security features of its devices.

    Rival Google started its own bug bounty scheme as early as 2010, while several other major technology companies also offer financial rewards. Microsoft paid $ 2 million to researchers last year as part of its own efforts.

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    Via Bloomberg

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