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    AT&T has just opened 5G in seven more cities, still doesn't have a 5G phone


    AT & T has deployed mobile 5G in seven other cities: Austin, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orlando, San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose. That brings the total to 19 cities, per a press release of the telecom. But before you get excited – no, AT & T still doesn't have a phone that you can use on its 5G network.

    Currently you can only have one 5G mobile hotspot from Netgear Nitehawk on AT & T ' s 5G millimeter wave network. It is likely that AT & T will add 5G telephones who also come to other companies, such as the Samsung S10 5G and maybe even a 5G version of the Samsung Fold, but so far the company has not confirmed this.

    Which means you need that hotspot if you want to experience the promised high speeds of 5G – such as, above 1 Gbps, that AT&T progress it just succeeded on its network.

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    Limits of millimeter wave

    Although we have not yet tried out the AT&T network, we are waiting for more to be available than just a hard-to-reach hotspot. The 5G is broadcast via millimeter wave technology, reportedly covering much less area than 4G LTE.

    The newly launched 5G network from Verizon in Chicago and Minneapolis runs on the same millimeter wave spectrum and during our testing, we found it spotty, if it improves. But it is unclear whether the millimeter wave will seriously limit the coverage areas.

    AT&T is working on a broader "sub-6" spectrum technology for its nationwide 5G network, which the provider expects will be rolled out by 2020, as is the case today.

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