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    Best Bargain Hunting Apps


    Below are five apps to help you save money:


    Earny is an easy way to earn a little extra money while shopping without even having to do anything, it almost sounds too good to be true but thanks to Earny it’s not. All you have to do is set up an account with Earny and everytime you shop online he does all of the hard work for you, searching through your emails to find receipts and tracking the price of each product over a 90 day period.

    If the price drops at any point within 90 days of purchase Earny will file a claim for you and have the price difference returned to your account. Earny is the personal assistant that we all wish we had, saving us money in the background.

    Earny: Automatic Cash Back (Free, App Store) →

    Earny: Earn Cash Back & Refunds Shopping Online (Free, Google Play) →

    Voucher Cloud

    Voucher Cloud makes finding vouchers for your favorite stores and restaurants easier than ever, with an extensive list of available vouchers that you can download directly to your phone and use straight away. Voucher Cloud has a voucher for everything including restaurants, clothes stores, and hotels.

    You can easily search through different categories to find vouchers, save them and organize them so that they are ready for your next shopping adventure.

    vouchercloud: vouchers offers (Free, App Store) →

    vouchercloud: deals & offers (Free, Google Play) →


    UNiDays is an app that every student should have, it’s super easy to set up and gives you access to tons of discounts and deals both in store and online. There are certain stores that are constantly offering discounts through UNiDAYS such as Urban Outfitters, while there are other companies that will offer limited time offers and competitions so it is always worth checking the app before making any large purchases.

    Another great thing about UNiDAYS is that most stores that offer student discount will accept your ID screen within the app meaning that you don’t have to worry about taking your student card with you and potentially losing it.

    UNiDAYS: Student Deals (Free, App Store) →

    UNiDAYS: Student Deals (Free, Google Play) →


    Stocard provides you with one quick and convenient place to keep all of your store cards, meaning you will never find yourself in the annoying situation of having left your card at home and losing out on valuable points and rewards. Stocard also means that you don’t have to deal with a wallet full of cards weighing you down. The app is so simple to use, add a card to the app in seconds and simply take out your phone and scant he barcode at the checkout for points. As an additional feature, the app also shows you offers for the stores you have saved, plus those it thinks you might be interested in.

    Stocard – Rewards Cards Wallet (Free, App Store) →

    Stocard – Rewards Cards Wallet (Free, Google Play) →


    Raise offers you the chance to buy discounted gift cards that other people have decided that will not use and sold on, this is a great way to save when shopping, especially in stores that you are sure to spend money in. The app allows you to easily search through available cards and purchase them for a discounted price. You can then save them to your phone ready to use the next time you go shopping.

    As well as saving you money Raise ensures that thousands of dollars aren’t wasted each year in unwanted gift cards.

    Raise – Discounted Gift Cards (Free, App Store) →

    Raise – Discounted Gift Cards (Free, Google Play) →

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