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    Best endpoint security software of 2019: secure your business perimeter


    Endpoint security software is intended to bring together all security and privacy controls for business PCs in a single management dashboard.

    The advantage here is that it saves on having to install software individually on each individual computer in the computer, so it immediately comes with management benefits from an IT and productivity perspective.

    However, it also means that there is one place where you can update company security policies on all machines in your IT network, as well as set filters, options, and functions that are tailored to meet the required needs.

    Even better is that the price per installation can sometimes be cheaper than even our recommended best antivirus package. So what is offered? We have researched eight of the best endpoint security tools available to find this out.

    Most offer discounts if you buy a package of two or three years, so wherever possible we have ordered them with their 10 PC, two-year package prices to maximize your savings. All prices below are for one year and five end points. You can of course adjust this on the website of the seller.

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    Credit balance: Avast

    Avast Business Antivirus Pro is an excellent software package for business endpoint protection, offering you various tools such as antivirus, firewall, email protection, antispam and the ability to sandbox applications for complete protection. Avast Business Antivirus Pro (as opposed to the standard Avast Business Antivirus) also contains Sharepoint and Exchange protection, as well as a number of tools for your servers.

    The AV protection you receive is generally rated as good by independent testing, with the Avast engine blocking 99.7 percent of the threats in AV-Comparative's Real-World Protection report.

    The free version of this security package has long been considered one of the best, but as value for money and simplicity are key factors, Avast Business Antivirus Pro might be a wise choice.

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    Symantec Endpoint Protection

    Credit balance: Symantec

    The first benefit of Symantec Endpoint Protection is the company's reputation with Insight file reputation, an effective way to detect and block even the latest undiscovered threats.

    Other layers of protection are AV, behavioral monitoring, burglary protection, a firewall and the & apos; Power Eraser & apos; to remove persistent threats and repair your system.

    Symantec security policy options are a real highlight. You can set up blacklists or whitelists of applications, control access to files and registers, restrict and manage access to external media, and more, then monitor systems and enforce policies from a central console.

    Although there is no bundled protection for mobile devices, the package works differently almost everywhere: PCs, Macs and a large number of virtual environments and Linux distributions.

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    Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

    Credit: Bitdefender

    If reliable protection is a top priority, Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security must be on your shortlist. Bitdefender products are loved by independent testing laboratories, highly appreciated for malware detection, removal, performance and usability.

    Most functions work automatically – anti-malware, firewall, web advisor, URL filtering – but you can also customize the product to manage user actions. You can restrict access to certain websites and applications, block the transfer of sensitive information, implement the product remotely on unprotected systems and allow users to change their security settings.

    All of this is managed from a central console where you can manage and monitor external users, create and apply custom security policies per user, location (the product adapts when users are outside the company) and more.

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    Avira Antivirus for endpoint

    Credit balance: Avira

    Avira Antivirus for Endpoint is the company's main product for small businesses. It takes all the core functions you expect – AV, baseline network security, web filtering – and expands them with file server security and optimization, along with application whitelisting and blacklisting.

    You can manage your devices with the online Essentials web console from Avira. This is simpler than some of the high-end competition, but that is not necessarily a disadvantage, and there is some useful functionality here: disk partition reports, license management, remote deployment, and various mobile phone tools (anti-theft, phone finder, and more).

    Avira Antivirus for Endpoint does not have the longest list of functions, but it is easy to use and offers excellent protection, regularly matching competitors such as Bitdefender and Kaspersky in AV-comparing Real World tests.

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    Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud

    Credit balance: Kaspersky

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is a small business product ready to protect Windows PCs, file servers, Android and iOS devices.

    The desktop side of the package contains all the usual quality Kaspersky modules – AV, antispam, a firewall, more – but the mobile security technologies are even more impressive. There are tools to detect unsafe devices, manage password rules, manage camera usage, filter unwanted calls and text messages and remotely lock or delete data from lost devices.

    This is supplemented by a user-friendly web console that manages the network and Bluetooth configuration, internet access policy, device settings and more. The most recent version has added support for Mac devices, further extending protection.

    There are also impressive levels of protection. Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud was the first of four participants in AV-Comparatives & apos; October 2016 Business security test, detection and blocking of 100% of known malware and exploits. The package also produced above-average five false positives, so overall it delivered some impressive results.

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    Webroot Business Endpoint Protection

    Credit image: Webroot

    The Webroot Business Endpoint Protection product immediately stands out because it is incredibly light: the package is small (2 MB disk space) and installs so quickly that you will hardly notice it (from 5 seconds) and use up the absolute minimum of system resources.

    Scans are also fast and because almost everything is done in the cloud, there are no major updates or definitions to download – you are always up-to-date.

    Other functions are behavioral monitoring, an outgoing firewall and identity and privacy protection. These do not always have the power and options of other tools, but they are implemented with real intelligence and can generally cope well with daily tasks.

    A cloud-based console makes it possible to follow all your installations and the package runs on almost any Windows or macOS system.

    Factor in price and Webroot seems very attractive to us, but it is really a product that you must try to understand the benefits. If you are interested, take a copy of the test and see what it can do for you.

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    F-Secure SAFE

    Credit: F-Secure

    F-Secure SAFE is a popular tool for endpoint protection, highly appreciated by the independent test laboratories.

    AV is just the beginning. There is also a firewall, intrusion detection, web filtering, protection for online banking and device management.

    If you need more, the Premium edition adds a software updater to scan for missing patches, and an option to restrict a user's web access by category. Whichever version you buy, it can be implemented and managed from a central console.

    There are some problems here, particularly the fact that the F-Secure engine is more likely than most to flag legitimate software as harmful. But in general, F-Secure Client Security Standard offers good protection for a reasonable price, and it is certainly a product that is worth considering.

    Only available through value-added resellers and specialized online retailers

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    Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced

    Credit: Sophos

    Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced is a powerful tool that uses many technologies to protect you. It blocks dangerous URLs and is able to detect and remove exploit code, analyze behavior to detect even the latest threats and identify endpoint connections with malicious servers to find compromised systems.

    The results can be impressive, with the core engine doing above-average good work to block zero-day threats, while still providing virtually no false reports.

    However, there is a price that must be paid for this type of security: Sophos Endpoint Protection & apos; s background activities can have a noticeable effect on the performance of your PC.

    There are some business-friendly features to compensate, including DLP along with device and application management, although other packages offer you more at a much lower cost.

    • Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced

    What is the difference between consumer and business AV?

    Consumer AV products may be suitable if you operate your business from a single computer and a smartphone, but if you use multiple devices and many employees have access to assets from different locations, you need business-quality protection.

    Business AV has more functions, such as business-quality firewalls, and protects more parts of your IT infrastructure. This includes endpoint protection for PC ' s, Mac, Linux, mobile and virtual environments, as well as server protection.

    It also gives your IT department much more control over how it is used, ensuring that you have the best possible security for your business.

    Do I need endpoint security software?

    If you have more than a few employees, then probably. Although the evidence suggests that free AV products are effective in protecting against threats and offering basic protection, they lack certain features.

    With more people and more endpoints that can target a cyber attack, the additional protections, such as the ability to manage (and restrict) user activity, will make an incident less likely.

    And given the consequences of a data breach, it might not be worth skimping just to save some money.

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