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    Best gaming mouse 2019: the best gaming mice we have tested


    If you are already one of the owner best gaming PC ' s on the market, it is tempting to grab the cheapest mouse that you can find at your local big box store. But this is not a wise move.

    Gaming peripherals are a big part of how immersive and smooth your gaming experience is, and you have to use the same level of dedication when choosing a good gaming mouse as with larger, more expensive purchases. Everything that is attached to your powerhouse rig must be of comparable quality.

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    As for your potential gaming mouse, keep an eye out for one that can balance price and performance while you pack it into a number of unique features. There is an ancient myth that the most expensive mouse on the shelf will be the best, but that is simply not true. Just look at the SteelSeries Sensei 310 – it has all the performance you could wish for for less than the price of a new AAA game.

    That is why we have compiled a list of the best gaming mice that we have tested and assessed in recent months. No matter what kind of games you are in, you'll find the best gaming mouse to meet your gaming needs here in this list. Make sure you keep checking, because we add this list all year round.

    Image Credit: TechRadar

    When it comes to the best gaming mice, features, balance and performance are all equally in the SteelSeries Rival 710, which is easily at the top of our list. This heavyweight gaming mouse may be a bit expensive, but if you weigh that price tag against the customizable OLED screen, haptic feedback – great for your MOBA players – and excellent build quality, the SteelSeries Rival 710 is easily worth the price and more. The kicker? Everything is modular, even up to the sensor, so you never have to feel that you are missing the latest technology.

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    best gaming mouse

    Image Credit: TechRadar

    The SteelSeries Sensei 310 is a gaming mouse like no other in terms of price and performance. The low admission costs keep it about the same price that you would expect to pay for a new game, and with that you get its unreliable TrueMove 3 optical sensor, making it almost impossible to compete with. This mouse, without any preference when it comes to finger sensitivity, is unrivaled when it comes to real-world sensitivity. You can even see the SteelSeries Rival 310 if you want comparable performance, but a more right-handed approach to dexterity.

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    best gaming mouse

    Image Credit: Corsair

    In our humble opinion, the best gaming mice will always be the ones that deliver outstanding performance at a price that won't burn a huge hole in your pocket. And the Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless is the child on the bill for price / performance ratio. With less than 50 dollars you get a wireless mouse that does not suck, has RGB lighting and a long battery life. The ergonomics are specifically intended for right-handed users, but there is little to complain about at this price and with this performance level.

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    best gaming mouse

    Image Credit: Logitech

    Aesthetically speaking, you generally have two main options when looking for the best gaming mouse: you can pick up a high-performing mouse that looks like it fits in the office, or you can pick up a mouse that looks like something out of a Sci Fi movie. The Logitech G502 fits firmly in that later category. But don't be put off. With adjustable weights and a breathtaking 16,000 DPI sensor, this gaming mouse supports its supernatural appearance with excellent performance. It is not perfect if you have huge hands, but it also has our vote for one of the best gaming mice there are.

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    best gaming mouse

    Image Credit: TechRadar

    We have given the Roccat Kova Aimo high scores for solid build quality, adaptability and great game performance that get even better after some adjustments to the Roccat Swarm software. The white version looks creepy like those scary robots from iRobot, but the solid black is smart and certainly fits any setup. LED light fans might find it in terms, but the ambiguity of this gaming mouse makes more than its minimal downsides. All in all, it is one of the best gaming mice that we have tested so far in 2019.

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    best gaming mouse

    Image Credit: Cooler Master

    If you need one of the best gaming mice, but at the same time want to save money, the Cooler Master MasterMouse MM520 might be an ideal option and a great addition to your gaming set-up. It won't win beauty contests, but packaging quality Omron switches and a reasonably sensitive sensor up to 12,000 DPI make it a great value, which in turn makes it easy to look beyond the unattractive design – especially if you use a claw grip.

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    best gaming mouse

    Image Credit: TechRadar

    Have you already broadcast it in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth? You are going to want to see the Razer Naga Trinity. The Naga mice from Razer have always been favorite fans in the MMO community, but the manufacturer didn't just stop there. With the Naga Trinity you get three easily interchangeable side plates, so you can adjust your mouse to the game you play. Add to that the insane 16,000 DPI sensor and Razer Chroma RGB lighting, and you will quickly transmit the DPS meters.

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    best gaming mouse

    Image Credit: TechRadar

    If you find yourself chuckling at some of the ridiculously looking gaming mice available in 2019, take a look at the HyperX Pulsefire Surge RGB. With highly reliable Omron switches and stunning RGB lighting – not to mention an incredible 16,000 DPI sensor – you score one of the best gaming mice for an excellent price. Moreover, it fits in any office, at least once you lower the light effects.

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    best gaming mouse

    Image Credit: Corsair

    Do you have large hands? Then you are probably looking for a gaming mouse that suits them. We understand it; Most of the best gaming mice on the market are too small or too light, or even a bit of both. To make matters worse (at least for you), some of the big mice out there are crammed with free buttons and weird shapes that make them look like they just walked out of a Transformers movie. The Corsair Ironclaw takes care of all that. It is an attractive mouse for users with a large hand that you don't have to throw into your desk drawer if you have a business. It is also heavy, so you don't have to worry about breaking it if you are a little too rough while gaming.

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    best gaming mouse

    Image Credit: Michelle Rae Uy

    When you map all usable functions, you may be shocked that the Gigabyte Aorus M5 only brings you $ 69 back and changes it. This beautiful gaming mouse, one of the best-priced gaming mice that we received this year, is not only highly adaptable and offers great ergonomics and fun RGB lighting. It also features an adjustable weight distribution system, on-the-fly DPI adjustments and Omron switches tested for 50 million clicks. And it doesn't even end there. If you are looking for a mouse that gives you more value for money, this is it.

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    How to choose the best gaming mouse

    Although you will certainly find the best gaming mouse of your game dreams, it will take some time and effort. There's a lot of complicated technical jargon that fits into the best gaming mice – terms such as polling percentages and DPI assessments that an ordinary buyer might not know. For the record, you will want a higher number of both, but these two terms mean drastically different things.

    For newcomers to the world of PC gaming, when you see the term DPI, it is for ' dots per inch & # 39 ;. The higher the number, the wider the range in which you can specify how sensitive your mouse is. If you do not have a lot of desk space, but still want accuracy and precision, choose a gaming mouse with a higher DPI rating. Of course you can always switch a lower DPI.

    Meanwhile, a high polling speed means that you get faster response times. The polling rate is measured in Hertz, so it usually ranges from about 125 to 1000 Hz. The latter means that the position of your mouse is reported 1000 times per second on your computer.

    Other important gaming mouse factors that you want to consider are ergonomics – especially if you are left-handed – and RGB lighting.

    Bill Thomas, Gabe Carey and Michelle Rae Uy also contributed to this article

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