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    Best hard drives 2019: the top HDD for desktops and laptops


    Although the best hard drives are nowhere near as close as the best SSDs, they are so much cheaper and more versatile. Of course you won't find them in the best Ultrabook, but a hard drive can be useful as an extra drive or even as an external measure – especially if you have a lot of data to back it up.

    If you are looking for the best hard drive for your needs, consider what you want to do with it. If you are looking for the best hard drive for your Xbox One or PS4, you want a 2.5-inch drive or even an external hard drive. However, if you're rocking on one of the best gaming PCs, and you just want all the space you can get, then a 3.5-inch drive is what you want. It is a lot to think about, but we went ahead and collected the best hard drives to help you.

    Image credits: Seagate

    It is almost impossible to talk about hard drives without mentioning the BarraCuda arrangement of Seagate – it is a force that must be taken into account. And, it's not hard to understand why, Seagate BarraCuda drives offer a great gigabyte-per-dollar ratio and speed benefits to top it off. The 2TB model scores a good image by keeping high performance and affordability in balance. Since this disc combines 7200 rpm platters and high-density data, computers equipped with this disc can read data extremely quickly.

    Best hard drive with high capacity: Toshiba X300

    Image: Toshiba

    Even if his laptops are not as popular as before, Toshiba is still a big name in computer science and has a lot to offer. When it comes to the best hard drives, the Toshiba X300 is a powerful, powerful champion that is worth watching. The X300 drives have a gigabyte up to dollar value, without compromising on performance. These disks all run at 7,200 rpm and contain 128 MB cache for higher speeds. The only drawback is that the warranty is only valid for two years, which is a shortcoming for a ride that is meant to store so much important data.

    Best gaming hard drive: WD VelociRaptor

    Image credits: Western Digital

    When it comes to PC gaming, it's better to be fast than spacious. So, if you have resisted the allure of an SSD, and are looking to kick the old school with one of the best hard drives, the WD VelociRaptor should be to your advantage. This disc not only has a great spin speed of 10,000 rpm, but you also want to pay attention to it. With capacities up to 1 TB, the VelociRaptor disks are ready to store large game libraries, and the super-fast platters help you start and load your games quickly.

    • This product is only available in the US and UK at the time of this writing. Australian readers: view a good alternative in the Seagate FireCuda

    Best budget hard drive: WD Blue Desktop

    Image credits: Western Digital

    Western Digital offers a solid bargain with its line of WD Blue hard drives. With a wide variety of storage options, from a small 500 GB to a spacious 6 TB, the WD Blue is a viable choice for almost every type of PC build that meets a budget. The best value comes from the larger drives – they give you much more storage space per dollar spent. And if you are looking for a bit more speed, there are also 7,200 rpm models available that are not accompanied by a too high price increase.

    Best hybrid hard drive: Seagate Firecuda Desktop

    Image credits: Seagate

    SSDs are all the rage these days and it's hard to understand why. But if you need a lot of fast storage, hybrid hard drives – which contain a small amount of solid-state storage space to increase their speed – are a great option. The SeaGate FireCuda is the best hybrid drive there is, it can hold up to 2TB of data and then the 8 GB solid-state cache storage learns and saves the data you use most often to open it faster. That speed boost is even sweeter when you consider that this disk runs on a new 7,200 rpm. With its 5-year warranty and low-cost price tag, it's easy to see why this is one of the best hard drives available.

    Best NAS hard drive: Seagate IronWolf NAS

    Image credits: Seagate

    It is a bit of a shame that the Seagate IronWolf NAS drives have a good price, but they are not more expensive than a standard hard drive on their capacity. However, their native NAS optimization makes that premium definitely worth it. These discs can run 24/7 at a speed of 7,200 rpm without having to worry about disk errors. Really, if you have one of the best NAS devices for your business or home, the Seagate IronWolf NAS is really your best choice.

    Best laptop hard drive: Seagate FireCuda Mobile

    Image credits: Seagate

    Upgrading the storage in a laptop can be difficult because the hard disks are much smaller. There are not many impressive 2.5-inch hard drives, because everything that is fast comes with a serious layout, but the 2.5-inch FireCuda hybrid drive from Seagate has a nice balance. It offers a simple way to add a lot of storage space to a laptop and at the same time give it a speed boost thanks to 8 GB of flash storage. A five-year warranty on the disc also ensures that it has a long service life.

    Best game console hard drive: WD My Book

    Image credits: Western Digital

    Hard drive game consoles are quickly supplemented with huge libraries. And just like laptops, the upgrade path for 2.5-inch hard drives is not that great, but an external drive comes in there. The WD My Book offers an amazing balance between storage and price, and offers enough space for gigantic game libraries. It works on USB 3.0 and may not be as fast as an internal disk upgrade, but it runs games and offers more storage space at a lower price.

    Best external hard drive: G-Technology G-Drive

    Image Credit: G-Technology

    Many people seem to think that the best hard drives are old and dead technology in 2019. But with devices such as the G-Technology G-Drive you can show the no-sayers in your life that rotating drives have their own place in the future . This external hard drive not only offers huge amounts of storage – up to 10 TB – but thanks to compatibility with Thunderbolt 3, it can even charge your laptop while you work. If you have a MacBook Pro, it's hard to find a better colleague.

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