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    Best photo editing apps for mobile devices


    You can never have too many apps to help with editing photos. You will always take and edit more photos. How else do you go to the most beautiful, Insa-worthy photos ' s? Here are another 8 apps to make your photos as great as possible.

    Edit text and add to photos ' s (iOS)

    A feature that stands out for this app is that it is designed to do more than just edit your photos, so you can design postcards, flyers and memes and even offer users a set of images that they can use instead of to be limited to your own photos. The app also includes a community feature so you can share your creations with other users.

    Infltr (iOS)

    Infltr comes with all the standard features that we're used to from photo editing apps, but has two features that stand out. The first is the number of filters available to users and claims to have 7 million filters within just one app. The second function that helped Infltr his way to this list is the ability to edit not only photos in the app, but also to edit videos, live photos and GIFs.

    Whitagram (iOS)

    This is a simple app with limited functions, but with which you can quickly and easily make a polaroid of every photo. This app does three things first, you can edit the brightness of your image and this is extremely easy for the user compared to some other apps that hide the brightness function in a sea of ​​menus. Secondly, you can add text to your image with the app that offers a number of different text styles. The last feature that this app offers and the biggest selling point is the ability to add a simple border to your photo so that you can choose the width and color of your border.

    Photo collage (iOS)

    An app that makes it easy and fun to create collages from your photos or to organize images in different grids. This is a very useful app for taking the famous Instagram photos where four images are displayed in a grid so that they appear as one on your feed. The app also offers a wide selection of stickers and drawing tools to make your photos a little fun.

    Photogrid (iOS)

    PhotoGrid is an app that tries to cover all the bases when it comes to photo editing and it has surprisingly succeeded in doing them all very well. It contains the normal editing tools, as well as the fast-rising position stickers and drawing tools. After you've edited your photos, you can use the collage and scrapbook tools to organize your photos in different ways. A very nice thing about this app is that it offers you templates to add your photos like other collage apps, but it also has a free mode in which you can organize your photos while getting that sharp create a book effect.

    However, the app does not stop there, it also includes functions for creating GIFs and video collages. If you don't want to fill your phone with various editing apps, this is a good choice because it does a little bit of everything.

    Blend Editor (iOS)

    This is an interesting editing app that uses a completely different approach to photo editing on a mobile and results in some very beautiful images. As the name implies, this is an app to merge two photos and it makes the process so simple. You select two images from your ' s, choose which photo to use as the background image, and then simply swipe through the different blending modes until you are satisfied with the effect. It's that simple!

    VSCO (iOS)

    VSCO is more than just a photo editor, it's also a community. A large part of this app is the community that has succeeded in enabling users to share their creations with each other. The actual editing tools are extremely smooth and easy for users to take professional-looking photos. You can even explore the community for inspiration for your next great photo.

    the seeing (iOS)

    the seeing is a solid all-rounder when it comes to photo editing. The app includes all the functions needed to make your images Instagram-ready, including filters, cropping tools and easy-to-use adjustments, as well as 128 frames that can be easily adjusted to your image. Afterlight recognizes that most people want to share their photos when they are finished editing, it has combined the storage screen with the share on the social media screen, so you can easily share your creations once you've finished editing.

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