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    Can Nintendo Switch be a power for fitness – or are we all too lazy?


    Oh Nintendo, we appreciate you trying. The House of Mario has found it appropriate to unveil a brand new hardware accessory and video game for the Nintendo Switch, Ring Fit Adventure, which continues a long range of fitness-related games for Nintendo home consoles.

    Like the best-selling Wii Sports or Wii Fit games from previous console generations, Ring Fit Adventure uses motion control and special hardware to simulate something like motion – although whether the experience really equals training is debatable. Don & apos; Don't we all find ways to play with as little effort as possible, even if the game is intended as a workout?

    The Switch fitness game uses a ring-shaped controller that attaches to one of the Joy-Cons, which means that the gyroscope can tell you in which direction you are moving or shaking the ring. Made from a flexible plastic, you can also bend and stretch the ring, making it more flexible than the average Mario Kart steering wheel. There is also a belt that you attach to your leg, which the other Joy-Con sits on and can tell whether or not you squat, run or otherwise while fighting or fighting monsters in the game.

    In the trailer released this week, the Ring Fit Adventure shows a number of family members encouraging each other as they reach the peak of their training – some even break out in sweat! But there is a discrepancy between the slick image of happy athletes (do families do this together?) And the way gamers play in real life.

    (youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qvm45SflSC0)

    Gaming of the system

    The problem with gamers is that we can be lazy. Don't get me wrong – the stereotype of gamers who are in their sweatpants all day long without a moment of sunlight gets tired very quickly, and if Nintendo has shown us something with the portable / home console hybrid switch, you can play anywhere nowadays in all kinds of situations.

    But gaming is also about winning and completing – and if there is a way to complete a level in a fitness game or beat a friend in a game of Wii Tennis, you're sure we're going to do it.

    When I played Wii Sports for the first time in the 00s, I was surprised to be able to mimic the swing of a racket in someone's living room, but that quickly collapsed and just waved my wrist to get the same result.

    TechRadar’s Tom Bedford seconds this, noting that "my family played Wii Sport Island Resort and Wii Fit, and really quickly learned how to play the games while making as little effort as possible while still functioning 100%. "

    He adds that real practice, when you really go to the extreme, ' is the least efficient way to win in a practice game & # 39 ;. Our Global Editor Gareth Beavis – a keen long-distance runner – on the other hand, has good memories of Sports Champions (in PS Move) for the way it required real effort from the player:

    “For me, I want a game that allows me to do better with more effort … I got muscle playing the gladiator game on PS Move. You would lose without (pushing yourself that far), but just because of the movement you wanted to try harder. "

    Real versus fantasy

    The addition of the leg strap is interesting and may require greater involvement of the entire body than some of us can take away with Wii Sports and the like – possibly more in the spirit of the experience of our editor in Sports Champions. But there will undoubtedly be those of us who want to play the system, in which case, why did we take the trouble to buy a practice game?

    As with everything else, the result largely depends on your own willpower and desire to use Ring Fit Adventure for its intended purpose. But we also play games to simulate experiences, rather than having them. I don't want to fight a dragon in particular, or cut off waves of soldiers in real life, but the gameplay, storytelling and the general attributes of the title are what tempts me.

    Similarly, there are local gyms that I can go to for intensive abdominal muscle training, but if I stay in my living room, it's likely to play a game first – with possible exercise considerations in second place.

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