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    Corsair buys Origin PC, so prepare for some seriously cool custom gaming PCs


    Corsair has purchased Origin PC, a US-based boutique gaming rigbuilder that has come up with a number of pretty innovative concepts – recently a high-end PC that combines multiple consoles in its chassis.

    Origin PC is not completely swallowed by Corsair – which already makes its own PCs, and a whole range of components and gaming accessories – but is more likely to remain within the organization as a stand-alone brand.

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    So what practical difference can this make for those of you who are considering purchasing an Origin PC machine in the future?

    Of course, we can expect Origin PC to use more Corsair components in its builds, obtained at a more favorable price, and with a bit of luck some of those cost savings could be felt in consumer bags.

    Corsair makes a wide range of components, including memory, power supplies, SSD ' s, cool cooling solutions, suitcases and a host of game accessories, including headsets, mice and keyboards.

    Corsair also produces iCue, software that manages custom lighting configurations in gaming PCs, allowing RGB lights to be synchronized, and provides performance monitoring, such as temperature and fan speed monitoring.

    Hydro help

    The first announcements were that this iCue system will be built into Origin PC machines, along with customized Corsair Hydro X solutions for liquid cooling. And both companies promised that further Corsair products will of course be integrated into Origin PC platforms in the future.

    Andy Paul, founder and CEO of Corsair: “With Origin PC's expertise in personalized gaming systems and Corsair's strength in PC hardware and the iCue software ecosystem, we are excited about our efforts to combine to create new world-class gaming experiences for PC gamers. "

    The traffic will not all be one way either, because Origin PC will soon be selling the Corsair One series of PCs.

    Regarding the high-end PC that we mentioned at the start of this story, if that arouses your interest, the Origin PC Big O combines a blisteringly fast set of game components with an Xbox One X, PS4 Pro and a Nintendo Switch, all in one the one case.

    If you like the sound of this revolutionary installation, the bad news is that it probably never goes on sale, because it's more of a marketing exercise for the 10-year anniversary of Origin PC (just to show that it's possible, more then whatever).

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