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    Create your video in a creative way


    Recording video ' s on your phone is about more than filming clips from your daily life and then forgetting about it until you need a little extra space on your phone. Video ' s is about unleashing your creativity and turning even the most mundane moments into something special that you want to share with the rest of the world.

    Below are five apps to add some creativity to your video ' s:

    1 Second Everyday: Video Diary (iOS, Android)

    1 Second Everyday takes journaling to a whole new level, allowing you to record a second every day that you can view in calendar format and even save as one continuous video, so that you can look back on the memories of your year. You can even use video ' s that you've made all day, regardless of their height. 1 second Every day offers you all the tools to easily cut your videos in 1 second. A super cool feature is that you can create more than one video calendar, so you can make a movie of your dinner every night and capture your daily commute without the two influencing each other.

    Glimpse (iOS)

    Glimpse is designed to make editing videos ' s your stories easier than ever, so you can create beautiful videos that you cannot help but share with friends. Record moments and organize the moments easily by dragging moments in the timeline of your videos to tell your stories in a unique and personal way. Choose to record a moment in bursts of 1.2 and 3 seconds that you can then combine. A nice extra is the possibility to create memories of ' Glimpse ' to plan, so you never forget to capture a moment.

    Boomerang (iOS, Android)

    Boomerang is Instagram's popular video editing app, where you can record video with just one tap and use it to create mini-videos that run back and forth. These mini video ' s are designed to work perfectly with Instagram and add a little spark to your Insta feed, but the fun is not limited to Instagram. Your creations can be shared by most forms of social media. Boomerang works by almost immediately taking 10 photos and then stitching them together, adding a little speed, a loop, publishing and you have a Boomerang video that gets more likes than you ever thought possible!

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    Moment 2 (iOS)

    Never miss the opportunity to capture a moment thanks to the fantastic Moment 2 app, whether you are in a sports competition or watching a bird in the sky. Moment 2 ensures that you capture the perfect moment on video. Tell Moment 2 how long you want your final video to be and click on record, don't worry if you only want a 10-second clip because you can record as long as you want to not miss the perfect moment. Moment 2 then cuts your video regardless of the length up to the last 10 or 5 seconds, depending on your preference, so that you stay a special moment without filling up the hard drive of your phone.

    Musemage (iOS, Android)

    Musemage lifts your video art to a new high, allowing you to add filters and make adjustments while shooting instead of having to wait until it's too late to change the video during the editing phase. Using filters while filming means you can really see what your video will look like and adjust your content accordingly. With Blue Screen you can change the background of your video, you no longer have to be on the beach to film a video on the beach. You can also shoot frame-by-frame and control the frame rate to create unique videos that will surprise your friends.

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