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    Deny – Combining genres to make image shadows even more fun


    Unblur is a puzzle game that combines elements of visual decision making with spelling.

    Puzzle games have gone through various iterations over the years. Some are physics-based, others are pure and simple logic puzzles and others are maddening combinations of all kinds of different game styles.

    However, one of the most classic puzzle games is a visual puzzle, which is the basic idea of ​​obscuring or hiding an image and trying to figure out what it actually is. Unfortunately, that can sometimes be a bit restrictive and not fun enough to make you play. To encourage a long life, it is best to add another type of gameplay to blend in. Unblur is a good example of this kind of game genre mashup, because it is both a visual puzzle game and a word game.

    Each level you get to see a different image that is enormously blurred. You can take up to ten times to blur the image. Every time you choose, this reduces the number of points you receive. Although the first inaccuracy is free, each subsequent onstab base costs a little more of your points, so it soon becomes clear that you should carefully save your points and not try to unroll unless you really need it.

    More than 900 total levels to enjoy.

    Once you think you know what the hazy object actually is, you can use a few letters below the image to try and figure it out. If you're struggling with the answer, you can use a few clues or remove some unnecessary letters from your mailbox.

    The ultimate game behind Unblur tries to guess the image – it is surprisingly hard to even try a few times to figure out what each image is, but the problem is that if you unroll it four times, it will cost you more points than you actually get as a reward for completing it. If you always have to unroll it four or more times, you quickly run out of points and in fact you just lose the game.

    This creates a difficult situation where you are likely to struggle after just a few levels, although there are more than 900 levels to enjoy.

    Each level you get to see a different image that is enormously blurred.

    Unblur can be a frustrating game in the beginning, where the images look almost impossible. However, the more you play it, the better you get, until you are finally able to work out each image after just a few inaccuracies. Unblur is not a perfect game, but considering the attempts to combine different genres, it does a surprisingly good job of making the whole experience enjoyable and still fun enough to play time and time again.

    Our assessment

    Great mix of two different game genres. Easy and understandable ascetic that makes the game clear and easy to understand.The point costs of every blur can feel quite painful and difficult to maintain.

    unblur.app – Picture Quiz (free+, App Store) →

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    unblur.app: Picture Guessing & Photo Quiz Puzzle

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