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    Dragon Age 4: everything we know so far about the open secret of a sequel


    It is now almost five years since Dragon Age: Inquisition was released, and while we are still squeezing out fun, we think it is pretty understandable that fans will become somewhat curious (sorry) regarding when we hear about the next game in the franchise.

    Even though we all knew, at a certain level, that there would certainly be a Dragon Age game, it was nice to have confirmation from executive producer Mark Darrah. Whether or not it is called Dragon Age 4, there is a wait – historical naming patterns in the series, meaning that it can really go both ways – but we can still get excited.

    Named or not, now that we know that Dragon Age 4 is officially in the works, we think it's time to keep an eye on the latest news and get an idea of ​​what the game might look like.

    That is why we have compiled this news and rumor center to keep you informed of the latest news from Thedas.

    Cut to the chase

    • What is it? The fourth installment in the popular RPG franchise, Dragon Age
    • What can I play it on? Unconfirmed but likely to be Xbox One, PS4 and PC
    • When can I play it? At least a few years later

    Dragon Age 4 trailers

    After years without update, BioWare has finally announced that it will return to Thedas in a new Dragon Age title. All we have to do is a very short teaser trailer with Fen & apos; Harel, the elf god of betrayal, and Solas from Dragon Age Inquisition that ends with the hashtag #TheDreadWolfRises.

    You can view the teaser trailer below:

    Dragon Age 4 issue date

    Despite the fact that the development of the game is currently a very open secret, Dragon Age 4 has only just been officially announced by BioWare. But even now, BioWare is not yet ready to say much about the game.

    "Hello everyone, we've been working on a new Dragon Age game for a while now and I'm happy to finally be able to tease the existence of this project," said Mark Darrah, executive producer on a BioWare blog post. "Although we will not be sharing details for the time being, I can tell you that we have built a new team around a core of Dragon Age veterans, people I have worked with at Dragon Age, Jade Empire, and some of them I have worked with since Baldur ' s Gate days.

    "I'm so excited to show you more!"

    In May 2017, writer Alexis Kennedy revealed that he was working on part of the story of the game in an interview with Eurogamer. This part of the story, he revealed, is "well separated from other parts of the game". At the moment, the game was still clearly in the very first stages of development.

    A later report from Kotaku suggested that part of the Dragon Age development team had been taken off the title to focus on making Anthem.

    In addition, a report by Venture Beat suggests that the release date of Dragon Age 4 is at least three years away and that a title for the fourth installation has not yet been chosen "according to sources familiar with the studio".

    Dragon Age 4 news and rumors

    Official announcement
    After years without an update, BioWare has officially announced at The Game Awards 2018 that it will return to Thedas in a new Dragon Age title.

    The Game Awards 2018
    According to a report from Venture Beat (and well understood by Eurogamer), we expected an announcement regarding Dragon Age 4 at The Game Awards 2018.

    What turned out to be an interesting announcement was the first 1-minute teaser trailer of the game that Fen & apos; Harel, the elf god of betrayal, and Solas from Dragon Age Inquisition.

    We have not received any gameplay or story details, but for now the confirmation from BioWare is enough to treat the hype train.

    Roundabout fixings
    Regardless of whether BioWare had confirmed it or not, the Dragon Age fans were pretty sure that another game would be in the making. Partly because they had faith in the power of their pure willpower and partly because in recent years there have been hints from BioWare that something would indeed happen. It is the secret that was never really secret.

    The most recent unofficial confirmation comes from executive producer Mark Darrah, who tweeted in January 2018 that he is working on both Dragon Age and BioWare ' s next major IP, Anthem.

    Although he is leaving the company, BioWare veteran Mike Laidlaw tweeted a few times that there were still a few games in the Dragon Age series in mid-2017. Earlier, Alexis Kennedy became the writer who launched a thousand headlines after commenting in a interview with Eurogamer were interpreted as a semi-official confirmation of the existence of the game and its place in it.

    In the interview, Kennedy teased that "he had considerable autonomy to work on a storyline of knowledge that is well separated from other parts of the game."

    "I don't want to exaggerate the extent of the lump [I'm writing], "He had trouble adding Kennedy." It's nothing so grandiose, but it's distinctive. It is a bit of tradition that so far has not been discussed much in Dragon Age. "

    Story and character
    Every game in the Dragon Age franchise has a heavy emphasis on story and character and fans will be happy to know that Dragon Age 4 is unlikely to be any different.

    After Mark Darrah tweeted that he was working on the game, BioWare's general manager Casey Hudson came up with his own extensive tweet. In this tweet he said it was ' too early to discuss details ' but the game would ' focus on the story and character ' to be.

    It is not clear whether this will be a brand new, stand-alone game or whether it will continue directly from Inquisition. Certainly, the end of the Trespasser DLC of Inquisition suggests that there should be a story theme with Solas that would see the inquisitor chase the eleven to stop his plans.

    We already know that there are writers working on stories and side missions, after Alexis Kennedy ' s interview with Eurogamer in 2017, in which he confirmed that he was working on a part of the game that is "well separated" from the rest and focuses on a number of traditions that have not been tackled on a large scale.

    Kennedy, who has worked on titles such as Sunless Sea and Fallen London, said the subject would not be surprising to those familiar with his work. For us, this means that his search (or treasure hunts) will include thoughtful choices, themes of tragic love and desire and an underlying sense of unease.

    New live elements
    The January 2018 Kotaku report on Anthem and Dragon Age stated that sources had informed Kotaku that Dragon Age had been "restarted" to implement more "live elements" in the game.

    There was of course some panic in response to EA & 39's growing preference for service-based games. Fans expressed concern that BioWare would bring down the Dragon Age series Destiny 2, always-online multiplayer route.

    However, that does not seem to be the case. In his chatter, Casey Hudson has also stated that the "live" elements that are considered are actually ways to continue the game's story after the main story has been completed. This is something that we have already seen in games such as Assassin ' s Creed Origins.

    Things we would like to see

    A world like Dragon Age: Inquisition
    We hope that the next Dragon Age game will have a card similar to that in Dragon Age: Inquisition, meaning that we hope it will be large and open without being overwhelming. It was the perfect successor to the closed and repetitive cards of Dragon Age 2 and we want this approach to continue.

    Explore more of Thedas
    There is a very remarkable part of Thedas that players still have to explore and that is the Tevinter Empire. Once the most powerful nation in Thedas, the Empire is a shadow of its former self. The history, stratified social structure and preservation of a magocracy makes it an immensely interesting and different part of Thedas to allow players to explore while the franchise continues to explore themes of social injustice, power and prejudice.

    The fact that the area is references in other Dragon Age games is enough to make us think it's a good environment for Dragon Age 4. However, the end of Dragon Age: Inquisition's Trespasser DLC makes us think that it is even more likely. Inquisitor puts a dagger in a map of the Empire with an oath to track down Solas.

    Solve that cliffhanger
    Our previous point brings us to this – we would really like that Solas storyline to be further investigated. He is the perfect focus for the next game and the player's approach is the perfect narrative core.

    (Image credits: BioWare)

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