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    Equipment: AFIDUS ATL-200 Time-Lapse camera Introduction


    The Post Gear: AFIDUS ATL-200 Time-Lapse Camera Introduction first appeared at Digital Photography School. It is written by Sime.

    I don't know how many of you have looked at it in the long run, but I am renovating my house and looking for a solution that was easy to set up and use, and more economical than the one I found.

    Jump ahead a few months and this is something we saw at NAB this year!

    An amazing little time-lapse camera that is whole big on functions, but still very economical on price – The AFIDUS ATL-200.

    I wanted to write an overview of this product for anyone who might be interested. A Macro Time Lapse of a plant that grows, or your house that is being renovated, the possibilities are usually limitless …

    The camera was pointed out to me by my friend and filmmaker buddy Lee Herbet. And then it went and won the NAB Product of the Year! (Congratulations!) For me as a photographer, what makes this small camera so attractive is the feature set.

    Specifications at a glance

    • Full HD Sony 1080p sensor
    • Optical zoom equiv. from a 16-35 mm lens
    • Wifi app checked
    • IP65 weather resistant
    • System timer
    • Motion detection
    • Pinch zoom
    • MP4 video output
    • Macro function
    • One-touch auto focus
    • Wild battery life – weeks to months!

    (Full specification here)

    Functions at a glance

    • The lens has a macro recording function. With the camera at a distance from your subject, you can fill the frame with perfect brightness.
    • Sony Exmor IMX sensor with HDR. Select the HDR number in the app for great contrasts between bright and dark parts of your scene.
    • Built-in PIR motion detection. This is a great feature. Capture animals, traffic, pedestrian movements and more.
    • One-touch autofocus with manual tap precision. If the focus is off, the day saves manually and there is a focus calibration function in the app.
    • 16-35 mm lens with DSLR equivalent, optical zoom lens. Yes, the lens zoom actually moves inside the camera.
    • Full Wi-Fi app control. Press the camera button, connect to the Wi-Fi signal on your phone and open the app. Within a few seconds you have full control over your camera on your phone. IP65, which means that dust is protected and water splashing has no effect on the camera. It is not necessary to purchase an optional housing with the ATL-200.

    I was looking for a solution to conquer my home renovation a few months ago. Although there are a handful of different systems on the market, they were quite cost-effective for me. Whereas the ATL-200 comes at $ 389.00, which is much easier in the bank account.

    There are a number of functions of the system that really appeal to me. One is the system timer, which means that you can set it so that it records your lapse of time during the day while the workmen are on site. It does not fill your card with all photos ' s ' at night where nothing happens.

    The ATL200 also has a macro mode. So it can do some really creative things (I think of things like watching little bugs in a garden). It is also weatherproof, so you just have to sit in the sand and you're done! Or take a plant that grows or something!

    One of the real highlights is that the camera uses regular batteries. A set of four AA batteries lasts 45 days with the 1-minute interval, 80 days with an interval of 5 minutes (8 hours a day). This is really amazing and great for a long time lapse. No special batteries needed, and you can of course use rechargeable batteries.

    Here are a few sample videos ' s:

    (youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQkBYkI2gcM)

    (youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ilvwtKFZwY)

    Although we have not yet made our own video in-house, we are looking forward to trying the ATL-200 camera in a project soon! For such a ' n function set for this price, this could be a great addition to your content creation toolbox.

    Discover the full technical specifications and details here.

    The Post Gear: AFIDUS ATL-200 Time-Lapse Camera Introduction first appeared at Digital Photography School. It is written by Sime.

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