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    Eurovision 2019 live broadcast: how you can watch the results of the song contest everywhere


    The 2019 Eurovision Song Contest is finally here in full glory. For some it is a guilty pleasure, for others it is an excuse to get all your friends around and to embrace the sequins and general madness. The Tel Aviv Convention Center in Israel is all prepared for the 64th edition of the annual song expansion, but are you struggling to know where to view it? You've come to the right place to figure it out with the 201 Eurovision live stream guide from TechRadar – it doesn't even matter where you are on earth.

    With the "Big Five" from the UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain that automatically qualify alongside the hosts and another 20 out of the two semifinals, we are now ready for the final of the 26 act. That is where the real company starts, with performances from the Netherlands, Russia and Sweden the first favorites to take the trophy home and the right to organize next year's event.

    Once everyone has played, Madonna is ready to go on stage for a highly anticipated performance. The intention is that she will perform the incredible Like a Prayer, in addition to one of her new songs.

    Winners are then selected based on viewers & apos; votes and with a maximum of 20 votes available per number, it is important to contribute if you want to be involved. It is therefore important to watch the event and we will tell you exactly how you can stream the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Eurovision Song Contest live, wherever you are in the world. You can also scroll further down to find out more about this year's event and some of our favorite pieces from rich history.

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    How to view the Eurovision Song Contest from outside your country

    This year the grand finale will be available to watch through the Eurovision YouTube channel. This means easy access via any device that you can get on YouTube. The disadvantage? You will miss the commentary (or maybe that is a positive event if you organize a Eurovision party and really love the spotlight).

    If you are more interested in viewing the coverage of your home country – and further down this page for more information about watching in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the USA and Canada – but this week you left abroad , then you will soon discover that the goodness of the Eurovision is geo-blocked by the broadcaster. Annoying, if you particularly enjoy your domestic coverage. But the good news is that there is another way to get it.

    How to stream live Eurovision 2019 in the UK for free:

    Good old aunt Beeb will broadcast the entire Eurovision Song Contest for free (assuming you have a TV license of course). That means that you can watch the main final via BBC One on your TV from 20:00 BST, but it also means that you can enjoy the iPlayer online and on your mobile with Graham Norton as your wise squatter.

    Representative of the UK is 21-year-old singer Michael Rice, who was voted after he participated in the selection of the BBC's You Decide. He will sing a song called "Bigger Than US" written by Laurell Barker, Anna-Khara Folin, Jonas Thander and John Lundvik.

    Outside the UK this week? Do not fear, because you can follow our instructions above to use a VPN and see if you are in full trouble again. That means that Graham Norton ' s unique view of the whole does not have to be missed. After you have downloaded, installed and selected a UK server, go to TVPlayer.com for a stable, free stream.

    How to Stream Live Song Contest 2019 in Australia:

    As the SBS from Australia broadcasts the entire final, it should be easy to enjoy on the big screen. That also means that you can get all the fun online using the SBS On Demand service that works on multiple devices – ideal when you're on the move. Don't forget to set your alarm if you want to see all singers live, because the show starts at 5am AEST. It's all set to the biggest voice since, well … actually, scraped that.

    Read more in our full guide to live streaming Eurovision in Australia.

    How to stream this Eurovision Song Contest live in New Zealand this year:

    The usual Eurovision channel from New Zealand, UKTV, does not seem to be broadcasting an event this year. But you don't have to be home in New Zealand to enjoy it. You can still view all promotions online using a VPN. See how easy that is on the page with our handy guide.

    Once you've sorted that out, the next step is to work out how to get up early enough to view it!

    How to watch the Eurovision Song Contest in the US:

    It does not look like it is a dedicated broadcaster from the States showing the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Sorry.

    Fortunately there is always that YouTube coverage. Or, if you want a more thorough viewing experience, take a VPN and watch through the home broadcaster of another country.

    How to stream Eurovision 2019 live in Canada:

    This year OMNI Television will broadcast the Eurovision 2019 event in Canada. Have you not heard of it? It is a specialized multicultural station, so Eurovision is obvious.

    But if you are from Canada at the time but are still interested, scroll up to see how you can enjoy the competition using a VPN. It means that you can view everything for free from elsewhere on a tablet or phone.

    Eurovision 2019 Frequently asked questions: your questions answered

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