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    Football Fans Five Fantastic Apps


    Football Apps. Well, now you can turn your phone into a football heaven. Become a football star, manage your own team and stay up to date on all the current football news from around the world, all from your phone.

    Below are five apps for football fans:

    FIFA Official Apps (iOS, Android)

    The official FIFA app is a must have for any true football fan, keeping you up to date on all the latest football news from around the world. From live football scores to breaking news stories FIFA has you covered. You can view live action, line-ups, fixtures, standings and stadium information easily from the Live Scores sections, making it easier than ever to keep your football knowledge current. If all that wasn’t enough the app also offers exclusive videos, interviews and match highlights.

    Forza Football (iOS, Android)

    Forza Football brings you the most up to date information on football from around the globe, all together in one easy to use, customizable app. Tell Forza your favourite teams and upcoming matches that you’re interested in and receive notifications with all the important pre-match information, including line-ups with formations and player photos. Forza Football is more than just a source of information, with the app including opinion polls making it easy to get your voice heard and become part of the football community.

    FIFA Football (iOS, Android)

    Following on from the huge success of EA’s FIFA games for console, you can now manage your own team and enjoy the thrill of playing from your phone or tablet. Manage and build your own team, with over 550 real teams to choose players from. Train your squad and get them ready for their first big completive match, dominate 90-second matches and watch as your team climb to the top of the leaderboard. The game also includes a single player campaign mode where you can test your skills, as well as online multiplayer allowing you to team up with friends and go for glory competing with teams from round the world. As an extra bonus the app offers daily content, keeping the game feeling fresh and interesting.


    Score! Hero (iOS, Android)

    For a slightly different take on football games Score! Hero is definitely worth checking out. Rather than managing a team you play through 580 levels as a single footballer, scoring goals winning trophies and rising to stardom. You can customize your player in what feels like creator sim light, we some nice details such as different beard options. With beautiful 3D graphics you control your character through a range of matches, scoring goals and helping your team rise to the top of the league.

    Score! Hero – New Trailer

    BE THE HERO! Pass, Shoot & Score your way to legendary status, as you explore the dramatic career of your HERO player over 540 challenging levels!

    Football Strike (iOS, Android)

    Football Strike brings you a truly immersive multiplayer experience that feels almost too good to playable on a phone. Choose your position and play with friends or challenge players from across the world, representing your favorite real-world teams. For a little extra challenge try your boots at shooting race mode and free kick mode, a great way to test your skills against your friends. You can customize your player with hundreds of unlockable items, allowing you to show off your character’s success to the rest of the world. There is also a career mode, for those times when you’re not feeling social, taking you on a journey from beginner to football legend.

    Football Strike Gameplay Trailer

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