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    Fortnite is celebrating Batman Day with a caped crossover event


    It is Batman's 80th birthday and to celebrate Fortnite maker Epic Games, a caped crossover has been announced.

    With a blog post and a video announcement, Epic Games confirmed that the long rumored event will last until October 6 and transform the Rift Zone Tilted Towers in Gotham City.

    Apart from this thematic location, the Batman crossover also sees that players get their own Batman cape and the power of Glider Redeploy so that they can play without worry of heroic heights.

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    Fortnite Forever

    For items with a Batman theme, the game introduces the Batman Grapnel Gun and the explosive Batarang.

    With the Grapnel Gun, only available in the Mythic variant, players can fire and then launch themselves to the meeting point, with the bat hood offering a little more control and distance for landing.

    The explosive Batarang, also in the Mythic variant, is slightly more destructive. When this is thrown, it will enter your opponents and explode when it comes close to them. If you miss a person and hit an object instead, the Batarang sticks and behaves like a mine in the vicinity, waiting for someone to come near to explode. It is worth pointing out that opponents with eagle eyes can actually pick up a Batarang attached to an environment and disarm it for a return throw.

    The Fortnite store is also celebrating with a Batman Caped Crusader package that will include two outfits with other themed items. Individual items are also available for purchase, including a Catwoman suit.

    In addition to cosmetics, Fortnite launches some Batman-inspired heroic challenges that are available until October 1 and the chance to earn free rewards from the Welcome to Gotham City bundle.

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