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    Fortnite’s next event is Avengers: End Game theme


    If you need another reason to get excited about Avengers: the fast-approaching release date of End Game on April 25, you can now add a Fortnite crossover event to that list.

    Today again twitter, Fortnite teased a second crossover event with Marvel for Avengers: End Game that will begin a day before the movie starts in the cinemas.

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    Although the tweet does not bother us much except the date, it is reasonable to expect new skins for characters or a different appearance of Thanos in-game. (If you hadn’t been there last year, Fortnite had a crossover event for Avengers: Infinity War that brought Thanos into play for a few weeks.)

    The silver lining here is that we don’t have to wait long to find out what the cryptic clue means, because the update will arrive on Thursday. That’s good for the true believers out there … and maybe not so good for people who don’t like being overwhelmed by advertising.

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