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Get your GIF on with these 5 great apps

Why waste your time searching for the perfect GIF if you can make one yourself and really impress your friends with something original, you don't even have to be a creative stunner; all you need is an app that does all the hard work for you.

Below are five apps to make great GIFs:

GIF Maker – Create video ' s to GIF ' s (iOS)

Create animated GIFS with your own photos & videos ' s for something truly unique that you can proudly share with friends. Add captions, use filters, even adjust the speed of your video ' s or turn them into loops. Take videos made with your phone and turn them into the following viral GIF – the main benefits of this app are the ease and use of different apps, giving you the feeling that you will never again have another one app need to open.

GIF X – Best GIF video maker (iOS)

Bring your video ' s and photos ' s to life with GIF X and push your creative skills to the limit to create the ultimate GIF that your friends will WOW. Use masks to add interesting effects to your GIFS and make them pop, even add music that makes your GIFS stand out. This makes your gifs perfect for Instagram and sharing with your friends.

GIF Maker, GIF Editor, Video Maker, Video to GIF (Android)

GIF Maker is a beautifully designed app that has a large number of tools within reach to design truly amazing GIFS for every occasion. With more than 60 beauty filters, 20 stylized frames and 100 stickers, your creativity has no limits, you even add text to your GIFS. GIF Maker also comes with tools that allow you to edit and crop your photos & videos and # 39; s so that you can truly personalize your GIFS. This is easily the most creative of the bunch, with a whole range of different options to make your gifs unique.

GIF Maker – Video to GIF, GIF Editor (Android)

Convert your video ' s to GIF ' s and save yourself the hassle of searching for GIF ' s whenever you want to joke your friends or just can't find the right words. Use your own video ' s or merge photos ' s and convert them to funny GIFs that will make your friends laugh. Use the tools from GIF Maker to edit your photos with color adjustments, filters, and cutting tools before changing them to GIFs.

Live GIF (iOS)

Turn your live photos into GIFS that you can share with friends, thanks to the easy-to-use tools of Live GIF to create your own GIFS, is a fun and easy experience. With just a few taps, your beautiful live photos will be turned into stunning apps. The great thing about Live Gif is the on-the-go aspect that makes using it incredibly easy while on the move.

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