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    Google IDE 2019: date and keynote forecasts


    The dates of Google IO 2019 will take place next week and we expect a number of large announcements to appear, which are traditionally a showcase for software features coming to Google platforms (as well as a hardware surprise or two).

    Google IDE 2019 is busy again hero at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, starting with a keynote on May 7.

    What do we expect to see? Rumors indicate it Google Pixel 3a will debut, and show off last year's supposed lean-yet-affordable version Google Pixel 3 smartphone. We also expect to receive an in-depth preview of Android Q, the next version of the mobile operating system that is already in beta.

    Those are far from the only things that Google will announce at the event, but for now we will list all the rumors we've heard about what's coming.

    Google IO date and time

    Google IDE 2019 runs from May 7 to 9 at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California, near the company's headquarters.

    The event starts with an opening keynote at 10.00 PDT on 7 May and continues from there, with several simultaneous small sessions, demonstrations and stage presentations throughout the three-day period of the event. View the full schedule here on the Google IDE 2019 website.

    For those at home, Google live streaming some of the above (especially the stage presentations) on its website and YouTube channel.

    Google Pixel 3a

    We hope our first time to look at the rumored Google Pixel 3a, the allegedly cheaper version of last year's Google Pixel 3 smartphone.

    Like the iPhone XR and Samsung S10e, this phone is expected to offer the most important specifications and functions of the main flagship at a more affordable price. That means, yes, the camera and the software, which have almost kept the Google Pixel 3 at the top best camera phone list since the handset debuted, along with high specifications matching the Pixel line.

    But it also means that you get the lesser-known benefits of a Google flagship phone with a discount. This includes optimization for all Google apps and software. More importantly, it means that it is one of the very first phones to get an upgrade to the new version of Android – seriously, many phones have not yet been upgraded to Android 9 Pie.

    Android Q

    We will probably get all the details about Android Q, the next version of the mobile operating system that has been in beta for more than a month. Although it will probably be made public late in the year (perhaps at the same time as the Google Pixel 4, as is common with Google phones), we can look at the cool features on Google IO 2019.

    These include a number of long-awaited benefits that are reported to come, such as the system-wide Dark mode that suppresses apps to get those beloved white-text-on-dark fields and face ID style face authorization.

    Other suspicious features are preparing Android for phones the following year, such as support for foldable phones, more privacy options, and additional developer tools.

    Credit: Android Police

    Nest Hub Max (Google Home Hub Max)

    Google may have accidentally show off a new product in its connected speaker line – especially a device that can be a stacked version of its smart speaker and screen Google Home Hub that came out earlier this year. There are indications that this is called the Nest Hub Max, but we predict that it will be called the Google Home Hub Max to match it with the previous product.

    While the original had a 7-inch screen, the Home Hub Max has a so-called extended 10-inch screen. This would make it much better to view media, either while relaxing or during a task (such as a recipe or cooking guide).

    Crucially, this version would have a security camera, the original Home Hub of which was omitted due to privacy concerns (and probably cost-saving).

    Voice replacement

    The event list for Google IDE 2019 mentions Project Euphoria, which aims to use ' Google technologies to give voice back to people with speech problems & # 39 ;. Although it is unclear what this entails, it may be a new software app or a feature that comes to Android, probably based on machine learning.

    As we mentioned when the news struck, there is no guarantee that Project Euphoria will go live soon – it can simply be introduced as a feature to come in the future, just like Google is.

    Other things on Google IDE 2019?

    Google likes to introduce new concepts to IDE, but sometimes they are almost not ready to be released immediately. At least one feature that debuted at last year's event is on this list: a mode in Google Maps that introduces AR overlays in the upper half of the screen (on a Google lens) while maintaining the traditional map and map down arrow.

    As we said at the time, Google did not specify when this uniform guidance mode would be released – and we are still waiting. Perhaps this is the year in which a ' StreetView AR ' is added to Google Maps.

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