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    HotSpotMe – Turn your wireless router or mobile phone into profit


    The technology for mobile phones has made rapid progress in the last twenty years. The units themselves changed in the early 90s from bulky pieces of plastic to devious flip-like telephones. After that, from heavy and simple smartphones in the early years ' 00 to where we are now with super light and slim iOS or Android devices.

    Not only the design and style have undergone major changes. We have also seen that technology in smartphones changes from being able to handle only one task (calling / receiving calls) to processing dozens (calls, text messages, games / apps, calendars, etc.). These days our mobile phones are so intelligent that we can even use them to make extra money wherever the phone sends a signal! All of this has been made possible by companies and individuals who have followed technological trends and created unprecedented new applications that allow us to do this. A company in particular is HotSpotMe, Inc. They have compiled one of the most popular mobile apps that everyone there should use!

    By downloading and installing the app on your Android smartphone, you can set up your own WiFi hotspot and sell internet access to others for a considerably lower price.

    Do you know the Uber and Lyft companies? You must have watched a commercial from one of these companies, seen a vehicle driving through the city with those words in the window, or had a friend / family member actually use them. Uber and Lyft are successful companies that have considered the idea of ​​creating a smartphone application that can always be used when someone needs a ride. It is somewhat similar to a taxi service, only much faster and cheaper because drivers can use their own car and the companies have less overhead because they do not have to hire dispatchers or pay for car replacement and repair. Using the latest technology, these companies have been able to undercut traditional taxi services and give more people a chance to make money in their free time.

    The innovative application HotSpotMe is comparable, but for WiFi internet access.

    Consider when you are staying the night in your favorite hotel. How much do they charge you for internet access? Prices usually range from a staggering $ 20 to $ 30 USD per night! Now consider how much you pay each month for internet access at home. Prices for this can vary from $ 25 to a staggering $ 80 USD per month! Internet access is undoubtedly not cheap. But it is something that people need and most are willing to pay those prices so that they can be connected at all times.

    With HotSpotMe you can use your wireless router or mobile phone connection as a hotspot! By downloading and installing the app on your Android smartphone, you can set up your own WiFi hotspot and sell internet access to others for a considerably lower price. Just like Uber and Lyft charge less due to lower overhead costs, HotSpotMe saves overhead by not having to maintain satellites or large data centers full of servers. By using your internet connection, the company has less overhead to manage and maintain. This means that they can tax the customer less and you (the provider) pay more. Simply set up a password-protected Hotspot that other users (who are within range) will pay for access to.

    HotSpotMe has taken the process of earning extra income to a new level by offering a service that was already available (such as local internet access, in an RV park, in a hotel, etc.) and using the latest technology to reduce the costs that other companies encounter and therefore offer the same service to customers for significantly lower costs while offering their contracted employees (providers like you) fantastic extra income!

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