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    How to take your party game to a higher level


    With the festive season fast approaching the time to prepare and whether you are preparing for the ultimate New Year's sender or seeing your family as the best Christmas hostess, these apps will make party planning easier than ever.

    Below are five apps to get the party going:

    Pacemaker – AI DJ (iOS)

    With Pacemaker you can compile the ultimate playlist for your party, combining your iTunes and Spotify accounts to really mix the songs. Pacemaker gives you complete control over your music so that you can create the perfect transitions between songs to keep the party going. You can also share your playlist with friends, a highly useful feature for party planning, so that all your guests have a say in the playlist, so that everyone will certainly be happy.

    Cocktail stream (iOS, Android)

    With more than 600 hundred cocktails and super easy step-by-step instructions, Cocktail stream has covered all your drinking needs. A nice feature is the ability to see which cocktails you can mix with only the ingredients you have on hand, perfect for making interesting cocktails with the alcohol that your guests take to the party. The instructions are easy to follow and every cocktail recipe has a nice photo so you know what you are looking for. You can even search for drinks based on the opportunity to really amaze your guests with Halloween treats, Christmas-themed cocktails and fireworks shakes to see the New Year with a blast.

    Party Starter – Drinking Games (iOS, Android)

    Let the party really begin Party Starter and the many party games that will make the drinks flow and of which you remember as the ultimate host until Christmas 2019. There are various games to meet your needs, including Kings Cup, True of False and Explain the Word. The sleek design is perfect for parties that make the app user-friendly, so you can concentrate on the fun. Party Starter is a great way to get to know your guests a little better and at the same time take some pictures.

    Paperless mail (iOS)

    Wowing your guests starts from the moment you invite them and with Paperless mail you can send beautifully customized invitations to your guests so that they know for sure that they are being invited to the party of the year. You can customize each element of your invitations with graphics, fonts and borders, so you can really set the tone before the party starts. You can even manage your guest list with a complete list of all ESVP and plus-one making it easier than ever to ensure that there are no surprise guests on the night that you have not prepared. Paperless mail even has a feature that allows you to plan cards and set reminders perfectly when you want to plan for multiple parties at once.

    Christmas radio (Android)

    What better way to get your guests in the Christmas mood than with Christmas radio, with all your favorite Christmas songs. All you have to do is turn on the radio and enjoy the Christmas music. The good thing about Christmas radio is that you don't have to worry about creating the perfect playlist and finding music that will accommodate all your guests, because there is a Christmas theme station for everyone from Smooth Christmas to Country Christmas.

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