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    Huawei will soon be able to buy some of its technology from American suppliers


    There are signs of a thaw in the ongoing vs vs Huawei saga, with President Trump announcing that Huawei will be able to buy technology from US suppliers again – with certain limits.

    "American companies can sell their equipment to Huawei," Bloomberg said at a G20 press conference. "We are talking about equipment with which there is no major problem with national security."

    It seems that the American and Chinese governments are willing to pause for the continuing trade war between the countries, which should give companies on both sides of the Pacific some breathing space.

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    So far it is not exactly clear what the policy change means: Huawei remains on the list of entities of the commercial department, which means that all deals require approval from the US authorities. Further discussions are scheduled this week.

    Details follow

    It seems that the US is willing to make a number of concessions to Huawei when it comes to developing smartphone and laptop devices, while the Chinese company still has to maintain the 5G infrastructure.

    Whether the deal means that Huawei can continue to develop phones such as normal, Android and everything, has not yet been determined. The fine print is still being discussed and we should hear more this week.

    Huawei has been working hard to respond to the threat of its American software and hardware vendors being cut off, and even to the point where they will develop their own Android replacement in the event that they can no longer use Google software.

    The full effects of the ban would come into effect in August, so with President Trump's announcement at the G20 conference it could now be normal for Huawei again – at least for some of his products.

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