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    Increase your speeds for free with TalkTalk ' s fantastic fiber optic broadband deals


    When you sign up for a new broadband deal, internet providers are constantly throwing in a freebie to tie you up. A gift voucher here, some money there but the latest TalkTalk offer is very intriguing.

    Reduce the cost of the fastest broadband package and you can get the faster fiber optic offer from TalkTalk & amp; buy faster for just £ 23.50. For reference, that is the same price as the regular fiber package from TalkTalk, which essentially gives you a free speed upgrade.

    Since this faster package normally costs £ 26 per month, you ultimately save £ 45 over the duration of your contract. That leaves you with average speeds of 67Mb (very fast in case you were wondering) without extra costs.

    You can fully see this money-saving offer below. Or, if you miss the deadline or want something else, consult our guide for the best broadband offers.

    TalkTalk ' s advantageous fiber broadband deal:

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    What other broadband offers are there?

    As we mentioned above, Vodafone is the strongest competition here from TalkTalk. Vodafone offers the average speed of 63 MB for £ 23 per month smallest slightly cheaper every month, 50p to be exact. But TalkTalk has the faster service – useful if you are fully engaged in downloads or seamless streaming.

    Or, if you like your broadband offer, accompanied by a few vouchers, BT might be the right choice. BT offers a £ 100 BT reward card with its Superfast Fiber package for £ 31.99 and is also a strong competitor.

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