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    Intel ' s next-gen Xe graphics card has a handy trick to relieve Tiger Lake CPU ' s


    Intel apparently has a smart new trick for its incoming graphic Gen12 (Xe) technology with a feature known as Display State Buffer (DSB) that helps ease the workload on the CPU.

    Phoronix (via Tom ' s Hardware) saw the new DSB feature when referenced in a recent Linux kernel patch, and it's Intel ' s Gen12 graphics that will reside in Tiger Lake processors ( 11th generation of mobile-targeted chips expected next year) and Xe discrete GPU's (also expected to debut next year).

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    DSB is described in technical documentation as a hardware capability that allows "the (driver) driver to send batch HW programming. This helps reduce load time and CPU activity, making context switching faster. DSB support added from Gen12 Intel graphic platform. "

    To put it in simple terms, DSB will help relieve the CPU somewhat, and that's a good thing for obvious reasons in terms of improving performance in scenarios where applicable.

    Roaring tiger?

    Hopefully this will be a new chord for Intel ' s 10 nm Tiger Lake processors when it comes to helping them run a little faster. We have already heard that these mobile chips with integrated Gen12 graphics can perform multiple 4K screens (or even control an 8K monitor).

    Intel dominates the processor market when it comes to laptops, but needs to continue to innovate to avert challenges from AMD, with the latter recently gaining a lot when it comes to enthusiasts and desktop PCs.

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