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    iOS 13 can bring a calculator app to your iPad for the very first time


    You may have never noticed it before, but your iPad didn't have a calculator app installed when you first removed it from the box.

    Instead, you need to download a third-party calculator app to perform calculations on your Apple tablet, but according to a new rumor that would change with iOS 13.

    PineLeaks on Twitter has said the app is debuting in iOS 13 and may offer a floating calculator experience instead of a specific individual app. What that would look like is unclear.

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    Take this with a pinch of salt, because we hear other accurate information from PineLeaks on Apple, so there is no guarantee that this information is correct.

    Little is known about how iOS 13 will have an impact on your iPad. A previous rumor suggested that it could provide support for mice with your tablet, but that may be limited to future iPad models instead of your existing device.

    We are ready to find out more about iOS 13 on WWDC 2019 later today (June 3), and you can follow TechRadar with our live blog.

    • WWDC 2019 is later today
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