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    IT professionals not prepared for Windows as a Service


    With less than a year until Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows 7, new research from Kollective has shown that nearly half (46%) of IT professionals still have no plans to update the "as a service" related to Manage Windows 10.

    The Death ' s Windows 7 report has interviewed 260 US and UK IT professionals to discover the potential costs and security risks with which companies who cannot prepare their systems for Windows as an after-sales service of Windows 7 support.

    Kollective discovered that 15 percent of IT professionals had no idea of ​​Microsoft's plans to transform Windows into an "as a service" updated model.

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    Windows as a Service

    To make matters worse, almost a fifth (17%) of IT departments did not know that Microsoft would end support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. Of the respondents, six percent said that while they were aware of the end of the support, their companies have yet to start planning to migrate to Windows 10.

    The CEO of Kollective, Dan Vetras, explained the security implications that an "as a service" model brings to the IT departments, saying:

    "With Microsoft, Windows 10 describes as the ' latest version ' of Windows, it's no secret that companies will soon switch to a smoother ' as a service ' update model. Although this is less large OS migrations means, it also means a much more frequent number of updates – with an average size of over 1 GB For many IT departments working with scattered networks or within international organizations, installing such frequent updates is from all their endpoints just not possible.

    "Companies now need to prepare their infrastructure to support future Windows as a Service updates. The fact that nearly half of the IT teams have no plans is a cause for concern.

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