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    Listonic: a smart app for the shopping list that wants to make the whole experience of shopping so much easier


    Maybe it's on paper and pen, or maybe it's on the Notepad section of your cell phone; anyway, we are all used to somehow ' eggs, bread and milk ' to write and probably struggle with its impracticability.

    Listonic exists to try to make things a little more pleasant.

    With Listonic you indicate on your shopping list which items you are looking for in a handy list, with which you can tap the small check box next to the item when you have found it, or simply swipe along the name of the item.

    This may seem like something that all list apps do, or even just the default notepad on your phone. However, Listonic is a bit more special, because it also remembers what you often put on your shopping list, so that you can automatically generate your own list of filling messages that contains your most purchased items.

    This means that Listonic is not only a handy app to use while shopping, but it also helps you prepare for future stores.

    You can synchronize your store lists with another device, so you can avoid the terrible irritation of shopping with your important other or larger family and wander around the store, where everyone picks up multiple parts of the same item. Once your list is synchronized with your partner's device, you can tick real-time options and make shopping so much easier without having to make that sad, deserted trip to the onion department to show the literal onions bush you both have managed Retrieve.

    Listonic remembers what you often put on your shopping lists

    You can also create a spending guide in your list that specifies in detail how much each product costs, making it a lot easier to know when you are exceeding the budget.

    Finally, if you are indecisive for what kind of items you should add to your shopping list, Listonic actually gives you a suggestion of products based on your previous shopping lists.

    For those who have trouble making an intelligent, carefully planned shopping visit, Listonic is an absolute lifesaver. Not only does it make the whole experience less terrible, but it also ensures that you don't spend too much money.

    Make sure you visit their website listonic.com for the complete list of functions, so you know exactly what you can do with this handy app.

    Our assessment

    Handy, handy and convenient way to shop. You can actually synchronize your list with your store partner, so no more duplicated items!The ads can be a bit intrusive, as well as the desire for a review about the app store.

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