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    Meme Machine – fully customizable Video Meme app


    No one can really claim to know or understand every single meme that exists, and that's sort of the point. They are very varied and often personally for the people who make them. Even if some memes seem difficult to understand, there is a good chance that you have come across at least one that has been logical to you over the years. Meme videos ' s and images are used to represent a certain concept or idea. They usually don't contain much text, but the text and the image together can depict how we think or feel about something specific.

    Meme photos ' s and videos ' s have become an integral part of how we as a culture share different ideas and opinions. It doesn't matter if you are an informal user of social media or an internet marketing guru, you probably shared a meme at some point to transfer your thoughts to social media. You've seen at least one meme before when you scroll through your Facebook or Twitter feed. However, what you may not know is that memes are extremely easy to create and use!

    The Meme Machine iPhone application features an advanced video editor engine that is different from all others

    In previous years, those who wanted to create their own meme images had to search the web for images before placing them in Photoshop or other web-based image editors before adding the desired text. Making video memes was an even more difficult task because it required users to install and use video editing software through their computers or phones. The Meme Machine iPhone application features an advanced video editor engine unlike other videos, so users can instantly add video images, graphics, text, emoji and motion to the motion of their favorite video memes.

    Because memes continue to dominate social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the methods for creating them have also become simpler and more user-friendly. Although the appearance of the app leaves something to be desired, Meme Machine is a simple application that allows a user to create, edit and share their video or image memo with friends and family on various social media platforms.

    The app was created with one simple goal in mind: to disrupt the way people share their favorite videos with the world. In the past, users had to deal with software and content management systems with enormous limitations and steep learning curves. Nowadays, creating the next hot viral video and quickly sharing it with the world can be done on your iPhone with just a little of your time and a few swipes! Just as an emoji can be used to convey your state of mind or emotion, memes created with Meme Machine can take on a complex idea or state of mind and display it much faster than typing in pure text.

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    Effortlessly adjust and share video memesThe user interface needs to be improved

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