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    Microsoft does not kill Paint, but may make it optional in the future


    The future of Paint, the iconic app that has been a pillar of Windows since the very first version, has recently been questioned, but a new leak suggests that the app will remain part of future versions of Windows 10, although as an optional installation .

    That is a bit of a downgrade for software that has been a standard app from the start, but at least it means that Microsoft is not leaving the app completely.

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    Although the simplicity of Paint has meant that most serious digital artists overlooked more functional art applications, the app still has cult status thanks to that simplicity, along with a decent touch of nostalgia that brings users back

    Optional app

    In Windows 10 20H1 preview builds, an important update for the operating system coming early next year, Microsoft Paint is included in the settings menu ' Optional Features & # 39 ;, suggesting that you can choose to install Windows 10 with or without the app.

    It also means that Paint can be removed from Windows 10, unlike some standard apps that are pre-installed.

    This seems like a good move that will satisfy those who still want to use Paint, while others are given the option of not taking up space on their hard drive and the Start menu.

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    Via Windows Last

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