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    Motorola One Action leak teases the mysterious ' Action Cam ' rear lens


    Motorola really embraces the Motorola One series, because the Motorola One Vision was released in May 2019 and we have already heard rumors about its two successors. The first is the Motorola One Zoom and the second is the Motorola One Action, which we have just heard a lot of of information about.

    The vulnerability comes thanks to the website Winfuture, a website that regularly places leaked telephone information, and although it is not clear where Winfuture has obtained the information, it is in itself a reasonably reliable source.

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    According to the leak, the most important function of the Motorola One Action is the & apos; Action Cam & apos;, a 16MP camera designed to work as an action cam that you can purchase specifically for recording video during a day out or participating in sports. It is said to record 4K video, which not all phones can do.

    This action camera joins a 12MP main sensor and a 5MP depth sensor, so there is no special ultra-wide or telephoto lens, although action cameras often have a wide field of view. Indeed, this would be 117 degrees.

    Another new aspect of the Motorola One Action is the aspect ratio of 21: 9, a feature that is shared with the One Vision, but is seen more often in recent Sony smartphones. This is the same aspect ratio as movies you would see in a theater and is used to best replicate that experience on a mobile device.

    According to the leak, the screen is a 6.3-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 2520 x 1080. It appears to have a perforation for the 12MP front camera.

    The chipset is said to be an Exynos 9609 from Samsung – it is fairly rare for non-Samsung smartphones to have Exynos chipsets, but the One Vision has the same chip. In addition, the phone would have a battery of 3,500 mAh and a headphone jack of 3.5 mm.

    Regarding the price, Winfuture puts it at € 259 (about $ 290, £ 240, AU $ 430), so around the same price as the One Vision – of course this price may vary in different regions, but this would u a rough ballpark figure.

    Take this leak with a pinch of salt, since no source is mentioned, but we expect to see the Motorola One Action soon if it can be leaked in so much detail.

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