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    NBC streaming service will arrive in April 2020, but not at The Office


    The NBC streaming service now has a fixed launch date, since the American broadcaster is planning the end of Netflix streaming rights for The Office.

    As reported by Variety, NBCUniversal CEO Steve Burke confirmed the April 2020 release window in a profit call with Wall Street analysts. This is about nine months before it obtains the rights to the American remake of The Office, which will be a tentpole series for the TV streaming service.

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    But NBC will also want to produce new original programming for the service, with Burke referring to "originals tied to libraries that we currently own" – possibly signifying renewed seasons of since-ended shows, spin-offs of well-known classics, or maybe just something with Steve Carell.

    We have previously reported on the planned streaming service, which is free for US viewers with a traditional pay TV subscription – in part as a way to protect the income of Comcast owner in cable television. There will also be an ad-supported model for people without a pay-TV subscription, and a paid or ad-free version will cost viewers around $ 12 a month.

    The service is said to be based on the infrastructure behind Sky & apos; s TV platform, which offers an alternative to Netflix in the UK and Europe.

    It is not certain that we will receive the service outside the US, although NBC & apos; s connections with Sky the latter could become a provider for shows owned by NBC, or Netflix will continue to host The Office in other areas.

    Netflix, Disney Plus and the fight for licensed shows

    Why all the hassle about one show? The Office is a major attraction for people to subscribe to Netflix, with nine seasons and a total of 201 episodes during the eight-year run. Burke was first broadcast on NBC in 2005 and calls it ' tied to the DNA ' of the broadcaster.

    Netflix also has the loss of several high-profile shows that leave its own service, with the upcoming November 12 launch of Disney Plus set to take back all Marvel and LucasFilm features for Disney's own use.

    It is likely that we also see Brooklyn 99 police sitcom coming back for Netflix NBC, although again possibly only in the US.

    It's no surprise to see NBC also taking part in the call for more original content, which could bypass further expensive licensing fees for existing shows – just as Netflix has done with its budding range of originals such as Orange is the new Black, Stranger Things, or Bojack Horseman.

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