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    Netflix tests a pop-out player on the desktop, so you never have to stop looking


    Imagine how much Netflix binge watching you could do if small unimportant things such as work, emails or social networks would not get in the way. Well, that might be easier in the future, thanks to a pop-out player testing Netflix for Windows and macOS.

    Reported for the first time by Engadget, the mini player can be launched in the browser with a click of the web player and then placed on other windows so that you can continue with something else while watching Netflix.

    It is not clear how widely this is being tested: we have not seen the new feature ourselves, but some users have seen it and posted the news on twitter. As with any Netflix test, there is no guarantee that this will be a permanent feature.

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    Netflix has not officially commented on the new pop-up player except to confirm Engadget that a test is in progress, so we will have to wait and see if it reaches the rating. It seems like something that many users would find useful.

    Testing … testing … 1-2-3

    Yesterday we brought you news about another Netflix test on the way: add the option to make your phone vibrate to the movies on time and show you watch. Again, we are not sure that & apos; will become a permanent element.

    But it is clear that Netflix is ​​experimenting with all sorts of ways to help stand out in an increasingly busy market. Two of the biggest names in technology and entertainment – Apple and Disney – are launching their own Netflix-style services this year.

    Netflix will need more of its originals to achieve its goals, as well as a steady stream of special functions in its software and apps, if it continues to compete as content libraries become more fragmented.

    If you are a Netflix subscriber, keep an eye on the web player and service apps on other platforms for new features and further testing when they appear.

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