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    Netflix wants your phone to vibrate during movies


    Worried that your Netflix experience is not dynamic enough? That could change with a new rumble feature being tested by the huge streaming platform to hammer the impact of the big action scenes on your phone.

    The function, provisionally named ' Project Rumble Pak & apos; & # 39 ;, originated from one of Netflix & apos; s Studio Hack Days, when developers tried to innovate the streaming service in a surprising way.

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    Project Rumble Pak attempts to emulate some of the rumble features seen in modern console controllers – such as the DualShock 4 or Xbox One controller – that attempt to provide responsive haptic feedback based on what's happening on the screen.

    But this time it's your smartphone, where the vibrations are usually used for calls and notifications to enhance your viewing experience. (We've seen something similar on the Sony Xperia XZ2, although it wasn't really a must-have feature.)

    There is clearly less need for this when you watch movies and TV shows at home, and we do not expect Netflix to broadcast vibrating couches soon. Smartphones are also really designed with this feature in mind, while the HD Rumble feature of the Nintendo Switch can create the feeling of moving an ice cube around a glass.

    In fact, the app would simply turn on your phone's vibration setting – which we can see confusingly if that's how you get notifications about incoming calls or messages.

    But since viewers usually have to sacrifice a certain level of visual quality to watch their favorite Netflix shows on the go with their smartphone, even that small level of immersion is a welcome addition for those who want it.

    (youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GcsNesbLBM)

    Life hacks

    Netflix ' s blog post Hack Day Spring 2019 makes clear that many of the ideas have not achieved the app, even if they keep trying to come up with new fun things for the platform:

    "The most important value of hack days is that they support a culture of innovation. We believe in this work, even if it is never sent, and we like to share the creativity and ideas put into these ideas."

    Other app features that are played on Netflix's latest Hack Day include a neural AI that mimics characters' voice at Netflix shows – for fun – and more internally focused features to help filmmakers find shooting locations.

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