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    Nintendo is researching the 5G technology


    Nintendo has told shareholders that it "explores" advanced technologies such as 5G and cloud streaming, but has explained that it will not simply "follow trends" for the sake of it.

    At the 79th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, Nintendo representatives were immediately asked how the company will respond to recent developments in VR, 5G and "alliances between rivals in the arena of cloud gaming".

    As the next generation of consoles from Sony and Microsoft are heavily coded to pay close attention to streaming and Google entering the streaming arena later this year with its own Stages, there was some concern that Nintendo was "a bit slow" when it came to equal to keep up with the competition.

    Stay up to date with the competition

    But because Nintendo does not promote plans for these new technologies, that does not mean that it completely ignores them. In response to the question, Shigeru Miyamoto offered assurance that the company has been working on new technologies such as 5G, VR and streaming from the start and has experimented with them in various ways.

    As far as streaming the cloud is concerned, Miyamoto sees it becoming "more in the future", but added that he "will no doubt continue to play, because they are performed locally and not in the cloud".

    These feelings were reflected by Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa, who said that although Nintendo cannot see all games in the short term, it is aware that it must "keep up with such changes in the environment."

    Great buzzwords

    It was Nintendo director and senior executive officer Ko Shiota who focused directly on the latest buzzword: 5G.

    "5G can send a large amount of data without delay. We are aware that this technology has received much attention, and Nintendo is also investigating it."

    However, Shiota added that Nintendo is not only "chasing technology trends" & # 39 ;.

    As with VR and cloud streaming, Nintendo does not immediately jump on a 5G music train and will instead consider ' how technology is applied to the game and what new experiences and gameplay we can offer consumers as a result of that application . "

    Not only that, the costs will be a big consideration to continue with 5G. According to Shiota, "It is difficult to use even excellent technology if the costs are too high, so we will continue to thoroughly investigate the costs of new technologies."

    It is already known that Nintendo has experimented with streaming cloud-based games on the Switch in Japan (via Kotaku), but this requires a high-quality WiFi connection. 5G connections would certainly make streaming the Switch a more portable experience, but it seems likely that Nintendo will not pursue it unless there is sufficient demand at the right price.

    Given that 5G has only just gone live in a handful of cities around the world and is still experiencing teething problems, it seems safe to say that Nintendo has some time to experiment further.

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