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    Once 500PX "Photoshop Master" now faces Discipline for "Photomanipulation" of 500PX Moderators


    The post Once 500PX "Photoshop Master" Now Facing Discipline for "Photomanipulation" from 500PX Moderators first appeared at Digital Photography School. It is written by Jaymes Dempsey.

    Michael Karcz is about to be banned from the 500PX community. His account is likely to be deleted. Everything based on what the 500PX moderators on its page regard as "non-photographic content".

    Michael Karcz is a respected photographer at 500PX. He is known for his fantasy style images, where Photoshop was used intensively to create alternative realities. He has collected thousands of followers and millions of views.

    And in an article published four years ago, 500PX received a lot of praise for Karcz and called him a "Photoshop master" with "formidable Photoshop skills".

    What changed?

    Nothing at the end of Karcz. His account has become normal in recent months. He never tried to hide the process behind his images. Karcz writes on Facebook: "I have marked each work as photo montage and placed it in a category that most closely matches the content – art."

    Karcz 500PX gallery

    Karcz ' s gallery on 500PX.

    Instead, the reversal is entirely due to the new orientation of 500PX, which disapproves of everything that is seen as non-photographic content. And this includes Karcz ' s work, which relies heavily on Photoshop.

    This is the first message that Karcz received from a 500PX representative:

    This e-mail is for informing you that our Moderators have found non-photographic content posted to your account. 500px is a photography community and we do not currently allow non-photographic content to be uploaded to the site. This includes screenshots, graphic designs, drawings / illustrations, screen shots of video games and other non-photographic content that we believe is in violation of our Terms of Service. If our moderators continue to find non-photographic material that is placed in your account, this may result in your account being banned. Thank you for your cooperation, 500px.

    And when Karcz asked for further explanation, this was 500PX's answer:

    Hello there, unfortunately, photo manipulations based on photography is not photography and our website in the current iteration is evolving into a purely photographic website. Not only that, our terms of service require that you own the copyright to the images you upload, so if you edit bits of images from other people, you are a violation of it. I am personally a fan of your artworks but unfortunately it does not fit within the conditions of our site at the moment.

    Karcz is understandably frustrated by this change. For years, 500PX has been a platform for sharing his work. And now, without warning, he has been sent away, despite investing time and energy in building a 500PX tracking system.

    Karcz writes: "I have never hidden how my work was made, and the proof of hypocrisy is an interview with me in 500px, which was later also found in the Huffington Post. What I use are photos and the photo montage is the starting medium. "

    He goes on to state that his photo editing technique "was used from the very beginning of photography by those who wanted to show something more [than] realism."

    what's your opinion? Should Karcz's work be allowed on 500PX?

    And if not, how should 500PX deal with once accepted photographers who are dedicated members of the community?

    The post Once 500PX "Photoshop Master" Now Facing Discipline for "Photomanipulation" from 500PX Moderators first appeared at Digital Photography School. It is written by Jaymes Dempsey.

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