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    Photography magazines are one thing I can’t seem to throw away. My fascination with photography has culminated in a library of magazines filled with beautifully dated galleries, equipment reviews, tutorials and advice. They accumulate on my bookshelves, and quickly migrate to desktops, the tops of fridges, assorted drawers and nightstands. While having a cup of tea the […]

    With millions of discs sold and a catalog of hundreds of titles, the UHD Blu-ray format has defied critics and appears to be finding an audience amongst keen 4Kphiles with an eye for quality. But if y

    The essence of every picture is the frame, as the saying goes. That’s something Samsung have truly taken to heart for The Frame: a fashion-forward slab of sleek metal that doesn’t try to hide its frame so much as place it center-stage. We saw the first version back in 2017, and this year’s new iteration […]

    In October 2018 Amazon launched a new version of its thumb drive-sized streaming stick. Called the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, it's capable of 4K HDR playback, and boasts a number of new specs

    We all love Lightroom. There’s a reason it became an essential part of a photographer’s workflow. It’s powerful, easy to use, and helps make your photos come alive. But what if I said you could make it even easier to use while adding a new dynamic to your editing process? Well, plugins can do just […]

    Android One is the feature to look for if you want a phone with Android designed exactly as Google intended, but don’t want to spend money on a Google Pixel 3.  Android One is a version of

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