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    Platformers to take you to the next level


    Sometimes the original is the best, and when it comes to mobile gaming, the absolute best is definitely an addictive platform game that you won't be able to put down.

    Below are five great platform games that you can't miss:

    Lep ' s World 3 (iOS, Android)

    Lep ' s World is back with the third edition of its popular mobile platform game with over 200 exciting new levels. Help Lep and his friends defeat the evil trolls who have stolen all the elves gold and kidnapped the villagers of Leprechaun. Jump and run your way through six beautifully designed worlds as you save villagers and find all their missing coins. As you navigate through levels, you will find items and discover new skills that will help you take down the trolls and save Leprechaun. You can also participate in a multiplayer adventure with Facebook friends to beat the trolls.

    Jump Jim (Android)

    Jim needs your help to save his birthplace, which has been invaded by monsters that have destroyed the city and, even worse, have stolen Jim's ancestral jewel. Travel through different worlds, including dangerous jungles and monster-infested deserts in an effort to find Jim's jewel and bring down the evil monsters. As with all good platform guides, guide Jim through running, jumping and dodging your way through 60 levels as you defeat monsters and collect items during your travels.

    Prince of Persia: Escape (iOS, Android)

    Prince of Persia: Escape takes retro games to a higher level with old style images and gameplay that take you back to the days of gigantic phones and games that come on a cartridge instead of a one-click download. Based on the classic game ' Prince of Persia ' Work your way through challenging levels, run, jump and avoid deadly spikes. There is no challenge that the Prince of Persia cannot overcome with a few carefully learned movements and good timing.

    Super Jabber Jump 3 (iOS)

    Enter the bright and colorful world of Super Jabber Jump with classic gameplay with a platform game where you can relive your childhood memories and help Jabber to get his gold coins back from the evil robber monster. Jump, run and jabber your way through the world, avoid traps, earn boosters and collect Jabber coins. The game features stunning graphics while still maintaining the feeling of retro platform games that we all know and love.

    The fate of Nimi: Adventure Platform Game (Android)

    Help Nimi, a teenage girl lost in a dark, mystical universe, where monsters rule people. Lead Nimi through every level in her struggle for freedom as she duels with enemies, collects coins, and rescues others who are also trapped in this terrifying world. As you progress through the game, you unlock new skills that will help you fight boss monsters and ultimately achieve freedom. The fate of Nimi is a beautifully designed game that somehow manages to combine cute creatures, magical sets with deadly traps, all of which work together to immerse you in gameplay.

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