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    Whether you are looking for a quiz game that you can play with friends or just a fun way to test your own knowledge and challenge yourself, there are a number of super fun and challenging apps available to spread your knowledge and find out how smart you are.

    Below are five apps that you can use to test your knowledge to the limit:

    Quiz Super Buzzer 2 (iOS, Android)

    Quiz Super Buzzer 2 offers the full quiz show experience of your tablet, competes with friends in a race and hits the buzzer and answers every question as quickly as possible. Collect badges and earn your place on the scoreboard when you participate in quizzes and show how good your general knowledge is. Every day even offers a Quiz of the Day challenge to see how good you are against other players in the chosen topic of the day.

    World Map Quiz (iOS, Android)

    Test your knowledge of the world with World Map Quiz and discover how much you remember from years of geography lessons at school. Link flags and country names to locations on a world map and discover exactly what you know about the world. With the new capital city mode you can also test how many of ' s world capitals you can match with countries. World Map Quiz is also a great way to learn while you play and to refresh your geography skills.

    Trivia only Free quiz game: QuizzLand (iOS, Android)

    Play against friends or online players and battle it out with the knowledge to discover who has the brains and who doesn't quite fit the cut. Answers questions in various topics, including sports, history and science. For each correct answer, give points that you can save and use to help you with some of the more challenging questions. Each question provides a detailed explanation so that even if you have a question wrong, you can use it as an opportunity to improve your knowledge next time.

    Eureka Quiz Game Free – Knowledge is Powerful (Android)

    With 5000 questions about five different challenge levels Eureka is the ultimate quiz to push your knowledge to the limit and find what you really know. Topics include general knowledge, history and even more obscure topics such as the world's mythology. Stay up to date with your scores and challenge yourself to improve your knowledge, improve your score or compete with friends and discover who you want in your team and a pub quiz and who should be left at home.

    100 PICS Quiz – think the image is trivia games (iOS, Android)

    Test your knowledge with 100 PICS Quiz from company logos to dog bread, you can give a name that you see on every photo. Compete with friends or just challenge yourself to see how many photos you can name. Can you name all the flags of the world or name unknown animals from all over the world? 100 PICS Quiz offers a free quiz package every day, so you will never be without images to challenge your knowledge.

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