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    Release date iOS 13, news and rumors


    The news about the release date and features of iOS 13 will almost certainly decrease in June and we are already hearing significant leaks about the major iPhone and iPad update.

    Apple is ready to add a long-awaited feature such as the dark mode and the very first new design for the home screen, as well as a brand new, easier-to-use undo gesture.

    iOS 13 aims to make an iPad more like a computer, with stackable app tab windows for true multitasking and mouse support, according to new rumors.

    We have heard some of these ideas before. But there are also new concepts to come, such as a completely new volume slider UI – a long-awaited change for iOS users.

    Even if no drastic changes are expected from the iPhone 11 hardware, the software could shift a lot, and that's still good news for Apple's slow sales of iPhone.

    In fact, it is everything that has not ended up in iOS 12 and iOS 12.2 that has focused primarily on stability. The time is ripe for the redesign of Apple ' s most important UI and app and we expect many features that make navigation and user interface easier.

    Here you will find everything you need to know about iOS 13 and many of the few things you should see in the run-up to Apple WWDC 2019 on June 3.

    Apple CEO Tim Cook during the last iPad Pro event in November (Photo credit: Matt Swider / TechRadar)

    iOS 13 release date

    • Monday, June 3: WWDC 2019 keynote takes place in San Jose, California
    • Early June: iOS 13 developer beta intended for paid Apple developers
    • End of June: public beta version iOS 13 can be launched for adventurous testers
    • September 2019: iOS 13 is likely to start with new 2019 iPhones

    The date of iOS 13 reveal is Monday, June 3, because TechRadar was correctly predicted months ago. Apple historically unveiled its new software during the WWDC 2019 keynote in San Jose and it's always the first Monday in June. Last year it was Monday 4 June 2018 and the year before it was Monday 5 June 2017. We are certainly seeing a trend here.

    iOS 13 developer beta: The first iOS 13 beta is likely to appear on or a few days after the WWDC keynote, but it is limited to paid Apple developers. You probably have to wait for the public beta, which is always more stable.

    Public beta of iOS 13: This is Apple's way to test features on a larger scale, and that can happen by the end of June. It is typically a more refined version of the iOS developer beta, although it can still be difficult and never includes all the features implemented in the final version of the software.

    The official iOS 13 release date: We will get the new iOS 13 software in its final, stable form at the launch event of the iPhone, which we currently call the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, and iPhone 11 XR. The date? Probably mid-September. We know for sure at the iPhone launch event.

    iOS 13 compatibility

    Apple has continued to support the iPhone 5S, the first phone with a 64-bit chipset in it. It has seen six versions of iOS, just like the iPad Air and iPad mini 2.

    iOS 13 could return to the oldest devices from Apple's compatibility list, as it did before 2018. That means that the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and iPod Touch 6th generation may be the oldest devices on the iOS 13 compatibility list.

    Apple would basically want devices to have the A8 chipset or newer to upgrade to iOS 13. This is also the chip in the HomePod and Apple TV 4th generation, so it brings everything in one line. In reality, it is in Apple's interest that you also upgrade your hardware. We saw what happened when the company price lost its battery replacement service in 2018.

    Do not expect it to go too far with the iOS 13 list of compatibility lists. There is a rumor that iOS 13 also supports the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPad Air 2 and even the iPhone SE. However, you should not buy in this early speculation. Some publications such as guessing in the hope that things are going well versus reporting actual information.

    One thing is certain: whatever happens, don't expect Apple to make an official announcement on WWDC 2019 if the iPhone 5S is not compatible with iOS 13. The iOS 13 compatible phones simply appear on a slide, or they won & apos; t. Also, remember that not every iOS 13 feature will go to all devices in that list. Some new ideas may require the TrueDepth camera, a dual-lens system with dual lens, or 3D Touch.

    Major iPad changes needed, such as mouse support

    • Major iPad changes: iOS 9, iOS 11 … Is iOS 13 the next?
    • Mouse support leaked for a future update
    • Can act as an external monitor for Macs
    • External hard drives can be better with iPad Pro worms

    The iPad seems to get a lot of meaningful changes every two years. We saw this almost two years ago with iOS 11 and iOS 9 two years before.

    That means – in our mind at least – that the iOS 13 update is intended to change the iPad software in an effort to make the iPad a better & apos; computer & apos; to make. That was our main complaint about the iPad 11 and iPad 12.9. Even if iPads have specifications for laptops, iOS 12 feels restrictive on a tablet when we really want to do work.

    We would like a & apos; Desktop mode & apos; to improve our workflow, with a menu and taskbar at the top and bottom. In line with this, our wish is to see Bluetooth mouse and cursor support with iOS 13.

    That can happen very well, because several sources have now said that Apple is working on mouse support (although not necessary for iOS 13, because no timetable was given). What's more, they also call USB mice, so it might not be limited to Bluetooth.

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 has added desktop mode and mouse functions in 2018, but with a terrible touchscreen version. Apple could do what it does best: refine an existing Android idea to & quot; it just works. & Apos;

    Interestingly, the latest rumor about the home screen (more on this below) states that it is an iPad-specific change. Apple could build its new home screen UI renewal for the iPad before it would change anything on the iPhone.

    The iPad can get external help in two ways when iOS 13 is started. First, iPads can act as a second monitor for Macs. It sounds a bit like the idea behind Luna Display and Duet from third parties, but is ingrained in Apple ' s software and lag-free.

    Secondly, iOS 13 may soon give you more access to external hard drives and DSLRs that you connect to the iPad Pro USB-C port. At the moment, every photo and video must be imported via the film roll instead of directly to something like Lightroom.

    We want external storage support to go even further, allowing us to transfer all kinds of files between a hard disk and an iPad. This could make the iPad Pro a production-friendly device, just like the rumors with multiple rumors about multiple users. iPads are often shared by family members.

    Redesign the home screen

    • The tiled home screen design has not changed since 2017
    • This redesign is probably pushed back from iOS 12
    • May contain fillable information, such as the five-day forecast

    iOS 13 can bring the very first major changes to the iOS home screen and is still too late. We had this app-tile layout since the first iPhone launched in 2007. It works, certainly, but it is also a little musty.

    While last year's rumors mentioned a home screen refresh, the possible changes were not discussed in detail. However, we think that parts of the current Today screen (that far-left widget-like screen) are finding their way to the home screen.

    Looking at information snippets – the 5-day weather forecast, your next calendar event and the latest headlines from Apple News – would be a welcome addition to the unchanged iOS app grid.

    When discussing complications from the Apple Watch face, the team behind them used the words & apos; informable information & apos; a lot of. That would be a natural solution for the iOS 13 home screen.

    However, the latest iOS 13 rumors suggest that this is an iPad-specific change. We have to wait to see if the iPhone can also make changes to the UI changes on the home screen.

    iOS 13 Dark Mode seems very likely

    • Overdue Dark Mode has been tipped multiple times for iOS 13
    • We saw that macOS was given a system-wide Dark mode in 2018

    iOS 13 may in fact be the update in which Apple finally comes through with the long rumors & apos; dark mode. & apos; We have heard about it for a number of years.

    Apple introduced a dark mode for macOS Mojave at WWWC last year, so it is fitting to hear Bloomberg report that iOS 13 will do the same for the iPhone and iPad in 2019.

    Another report supports Bloomberg & apos; s and lists some more functions such as & apos; undo & apos; gesture and redesign of the volume bar.

    If the rumor is true, this will make it easier to watch apps at night. There are many white and bright hues in the current app color scheme, so matching would be a great way to compliment the blue-light-reducing night shift mode.

    Refresh camera app

    • The camera app from Apple is very basic and urgently needs a redesign
    • Expect it to still be streamlined and easy to use for average users
    • In any case, we want to change resolutions without diving into Settings

    Apple's camera app is extremely simple. It was a blessing and a curse. It is easy for less tech savvy iPhone owners to use, but more advanced users lack features that allow them to refine their photos and videos.

    A makeover to the camera app was also one of the leaks from last year, and that is the change that sparked our most interest. The Samsung Galaxy S9 has the ability to take a photo with gestures, while the video tools of the LG V40 allow you to zoom in smoothly anywhere on the screen, not just in the blind spot. The Google Pixel 3 has added a Night Vision mode that aims to eliminate the need for a flash with lots of photos.

    Expect Apple to keep the camera app streamlined, but sprinkle on more advanced tools. And if we only have the option to change resolutions and frame rates from the camera app (and not via the settings menu), that's good enough.

    Health and activity apps on the iPad

    • We would like to see Apple Health & Activity apps on the iPad
    • Doctors can view health data with patients on a large screen

    Your health and fitness data deserves to be seen at 9.7 inches and 12.9 inches, and that's what we hope for from the iOS 13 update in the coming months.

    Both the Apple Health app and the Activity app (those with the rings) contain a lot of data to comb over and it would be ideal to see bars, graphs, running maps and different numbers stretched out on the big screen. At the moment both apps are limited to the Apple Watch and the iPhone.

    We think Apple will eventually do this. Doctors could more easily assess health data with patients and the elderly have complained that their iPhone is too small to read all health data. We would also like to see both apps on macOS, but one tracked step at a time.

    SPAM call block

    • Google Pixel telephones were impressed by a call blocking SPAM feature in 2018
    • Apple has added a way for third parties to block calls, but it often costs money

    iOS 13 needs better SPAM call blocking. It is absolutely necessary in 2019. It is one of the best functions of the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, but the increasing nuisance of telemarketers continues to exist on the iPhone.

    Okay, last year's iOS update has at least added a call barring and identification option. But users have to invest in an app (which often costs money annually) to get good SPAM blocking protection. Apps such as Hiya cost $ 2.99 / month or $ 14.99 / year for premium service.

    The good news is that we are seeing a major shift happen. Verizon makes its SPAM and robocall function free from March and Apple was recently issued a patent for these types of functions.

    Clipboard manager

    Clipboard management apps do exist, allowing them to be copied and pasted, and copied and pasted, but they are all rather limited because they are not built into the user interface.

    Apple could change this to iOS 13 and it is also a way to improve productivity on the iPad. Having a full clipboard manager at system level would also help prevent copying to what is in our clipboard at this time.

    Change WiFi and Bluetooth via Control Central

    Connecting to new Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices without closing the app you use is impossible. Of course, with Control Center you can switch WiFi and Bluetooth on and off via this drop-down menu, but if you want to switch between connections, you have to dive into the Settings and submenu ' s. That is quite annoying.

    iOS 13 could easily change this, with a different matte overlay menu that allows you to choose your connections without having to kick out of your current app. This would be especially useful if you are traveling and constantly cycling through multiple open Wi-Fi networks. It should be a shortcut within a shortcut in the Control Center, and we can handle that well.

    Four new Animoji

    A handful of new Animoji could be added as part of iOS 13, with a rumor suggesting that a cow, mouse, octopus, and emoji face are all added.

    There are currently 24 Animoji is Apple ' s 12.2 list from Apple, so the iOS 13 update would bring the total to 28 in addition to the customizable Memoji avatars.

    More news about iOS 13

    iOS 13 is still a few days away, even in beta form. However, as we get closer to Apple's WWDC 2019 keynote in June, we expect more leaks about what the company is working on. If they come in the news, we will report on this.

    We will have to wait for the final version of the user interface, probably in September with an iPhone 11 launch event. However, the potential iOS 13 functions above give you an idea of ​​where the iPhone and iPad software could end up in 2019.

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