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    Ring Fit Adventure is the answer from Nintendo Switch on Wii Fit


    Looking for a good workout in your living room? Me neither. However, if you want a Nintendo Switch game that uses more of your body than just your fingertips, the Ring Fit Adventure is set to bring a fitness-focused video game to the best-selling Nintendo Switch console.

    Launched on October 18, Ring Fit Adventure is Nintendo's latest attempt to trick gamers into practice, with whole-body movement as input to get monsters to battle levels in a quest to defeat "an evil body-building dragon named & apos; Drago & apos;. " Curious how they got there?

    With two new pieces of hardware for the Nintendo Switch, the leg strap (which is attached to your leg with one Joy-Con) and the Ring-Con (a pliable wheel that you hold with both hands), it follows in the footsteps of the Wii Fit balance board or popular Wii Sports titles. We received a staggering teaser last week, but now we have a stronger idea of ​​what we are doing ourselves.

    Angular as a mix of "adventure play" and exercise regime, you will do different movements to work your upper and lower body, with a hint of yoga movements also involved – and it is probably more fun that the forced smile in the trailer below makes a difference.

    Switch accessories for everyone!

    Nintendo has probably worked harder on accessories for the Nintendo Switch than for every console before that. With the cardboard-based Nintendo Labo range and your car in Labo VR glasses, in addition to the expected shattering of Nintendo Switch carrying cases, controllers and screen protectors, there is a range of add-on hardware to enhance your experience.

    Those experiences naturally cost more money and we encourage everyone to think carefully about whether they will actually use these alternative game modes – or have the space to save them – before they make a purchase. But because Nintendo knows the past of attracting casual gamers with this kind of fitness shick, the Ring Fit Adventure will undoubtedly find a market.

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