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    Mobile gaming has come a long way in just a few years and there are some amazing, even free games available today, but there is nothing as fun as looking back at where it all started and reviewing the games that started it all.

    Below are five apps that take you to the golden age of gaming:

    TETRIS (iOS, Android)

    Tetris, a game everyone knows and loves, even if it's just for the nostalgia effect, is now even better than ever with a modernized look and some great new features that will keep you playing for hours. There are now two new ways to play, hold on to the tried and tested swipe buttons, or try out the brand new one-touch control that provides an even smoother gameplay experience. There are also a number of new modes to try out, including the puzzle mode, which allows you to dig through the galaxy in this multi-level mode. You can also compete against friends in the head-to-head mode.

    Breakout: Boost (iOS)

    Break out takes the arcade classic and gives it a new life, with brand new graphics, all new stone types and boost controls. New and challenging bricks provide a whole new gaming experience, including mysterious bricks and exploding bricks, but don't be afraid because there are also new balls such as acid balls and grenade balls to help you survive every level. Enjoy turning back the clock of gaming and testing, testing your brick breaking skills, how many walls can you break through?

    PAC-MAN (iOS, Android)

    No retro gaming list would be complete without it PAC-MAN, run through mazes, collect points and evade those terrifying spirits. The mobile version of PAC-MAN brings you all the gameplay that you love and remember with a few extra ' s to help PAC-MAN jump into the 21st-century. All new mazes add a great challenge to old professionals who are looking for something new in their old favorite. You can choose from two different operating modes and enjoy a graphical update with your old friend PAC-MAN!

    Snake ' 97: retro telephone classic (iOS, Android)

    Hose, the game that started it all, brought gaming to our mobile phones, the game that caused us to break many hours of knots until our thumbs hurt, is now available on 21stcentury mobile devices. If you can play Hose again after many years apart is not enough, you really get the chance to play the game on a virtual old Nokia, even pressing the "buttons", re-creating the days before the touch screen, with a varied selection of popular Nokia phones to choose your favorite. Snake ' 97 has really delivered a brilliant assignment to bring back such a much-loved classic.

    Evoland (iOS, Android)

    Evoland is not really a retro game reinvented for your mobile, but instead a completely new game that takes you on a journey through the history of classic adventure and RPG gaming. Start with old-style 2D monochrome graphics and controls and walk through levels to unlock new technologies that will slowly take you to modern games. Evoland brings adventure / RPG gaming to a whole new level with addictive gameplay that really takes you on an adventure, not just through the game but also through history.

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