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    Samsung Galaxy S10 launch event live blog: we're live from Galaxy Unpacked


    You can watch the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2019 livestream above from 11am PT (2pm ET, 7pm GMT)

    Today's the day. Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked launch event is upon us, where we expect to see the smartphone maker unleash a number of devices onto the world, with the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10e likely to headline.

    We'll be reporting live from the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, California where the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event kicks off at 11am PT (2pm ET, 7pm GMT). 

    Our Samsung Galaxy S10 launch live blog has already started though, as there are plenty of rumors, leaks and speculation to whet your appetite ahead of today's Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event.

    Samsung launch event live blog

    All times in US Pacific Time (PT)

    11:25AM: Despite the fact that Samsung is unveiling the S10 (yet to officially be announced at this point), the Samsung Galaxy Foldable is taking center stage in all of Samsung's press shots during this history lesson. The foldable phone is the future, according to Samsung, the No. 1 phone manufacturer in the world.  

    11:20AM: Samsung's DJ Koh has taken the stage. He's going over the last decade of Samsung Galaxy S phones. The S10 is the 10th anniversary phone, so there's a lot of history here. 

    11:17AM: However, you don't want this phone to be cheap. Samsung could cut corners and make a mediocre first foldable phone with a more obvious hinge (we've seen those before). Instead, its pricing things high and going high-end. 

    11:15AM: There were serious groans when the price was announced. It is especially expensive for a phone – double when you should be paying for a flagship device, even in 2019.

    11:13AM: The Samsung Galaxy Fold release date and price have been announced. It'll have a 5G and LTE versions $1,980 with a launch date of April 26. This is expensive and coming fast.

    11:12AM: You can fit three apps on the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Multi-tasking seems a lot easier.

    11:10 AM: Google Maps is a crowd pleaser on the big screen. You can carry around the phone when walking, and expand it into a tablet when you need more granular directions. Netflix, likewise, is a hit with the expanded 7.3-inch screen.

    11:08AM: Here are the specs: 7nm processor, 12GB of RAM, 512GB, and UFS 3.0. The latter means it'll read data twice as quickly. There's a battery on both with a combined 4,380mAh battery capacity. There are six cameras on this thing.

    11:06AM: You can switch between the screens without missing a beat, according to Samsung. It calls this app continuity. See something on the smaller outer screen when the phone is folded? You can open it up into tablet mode and the expanded view is right there.

    11:04 AM: Samsung says the Galaxy Fold is a luxury device. That means it'll be expensive.

    11:00AM: Samsung announced that its Samsung Galaxy Fold phone will turn into a 7.3-inch tablet with a sophisticated hinge system. Interestingly, you can personalize the hinge color. You'll have color options of black, green, blue, teal-ish. 

    10:54AM: Samsung is teasing the foldable phone, right now, with its tagline for it: The Future Unfolds. We've taken our seats and anticipating several phones now. Refresh along with us for more updates. The S10 live blog officially starts at 11am.  

    10:30am: We're taking over the Samsung Galaxy S10 launch event live blog here in the US. We're about 30 minutes from the actually press conference at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Get ready for phones and earbuds, according to the rumors.

    09.00 – Ooooo we're getting close now. As we make our way to the Galaxy Unpacked events in San Francisco and London, our minds begin to drift to what's next, after Samsung. 

    The answer? An awful lot. MWC 2019 kicks off this the weekend, where we expect to see new phones from LG, Nokia, Xiaomi, Sony, Huawei and more. 

    08.00 – 2019 marks the 10-year anniversary of Samsung's iconic Galaxy S series of flagship smartphones, so as we wait for handset number 10 to show its face (officially), let's take a walk down memory lane.

    • Samsung Galaxy S history: from iPhone copycat to dazzling design

    07.20 – The leaks are refusing to cease, and mere hours before the Samsung launch new images of the Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit E have hit the web. Read the full story here.

    Is this the Samsung Galaxy Fit E? Image Credit: Gizmodo UK 

    06.53 – The sun rises over the horizon in San Francisco, basking the city in its warm yellowy glow. Okay maybe not quite, it's rather overcast this morning, but as daylight breaks it means we're now just four hours away from the Galaxy S10 launch event.

    It's a good time to reflect on the phones about to be replaced, so why not take a moment to re-familiarize yourself with the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

    06.00 – You can register your interest in the new Samsung Galaxy phones via the firm's website, and if you're in the US you can go as far as reserving "the next Galaxy" with your preferred carrier. Orders are expected to ship on March 8.

    04.30 – We potentially got a great look at the foldable Galaxy X/Galaxy Fold this morning, after official looking press renders hit the web. Read the full story here.

    This could be the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Image Credit: MobiFlip 

    03.00 – One of the big questions marks around the new Galaxy S10 handsets is pricing – how much will the new phones set you back? Comparisons will be drawn between the new S10 devices and Apple's fleet of iPhones.

    Let us know where you think Samsung will pitch the Galaxy S10 price with our Twitter poll below.

    02.30 – We could see even more as well, with new wireless earphones (Galaxy Buds), a pair of fitness trackers (Galaxy Fit and Fit e) and a 5G variant of the S10 (Galaxy S10 X) all rumored to make an appearance.

    02.00 – Hello all! There are nine hours until Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event, which gives you plenty of time to read up on the leaks and rumors of what to expect.

    • Samsung Galaxy S10 – the rumored S10 will be the core flagship smartphone in a trio of new handsets from Samsung
    • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – tipped to replace the S9 Plus, the S10 Plus will likely pack a bigger screen and potentially more storage
    • Samsung Galaxy S10e – an exciting new entry if the rumors are accurate, offering a S10 experience at a lower price point
    • Samsung Galaxy Fold – more commonly rumored as the Galaxy X, Samsung may reveal more details about its foldable phone today
    • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active – there's talk the Galaxy Unpacked event won't just be new smartphones, with a new smartwatch potentially on the cards
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