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    Skills Co. – Learning and sharing of all types of skills


    Skills Co. is a skill-sharing and how-to video compendium, with which you learn both new skills and sell your own expertise.

    Trying to learn about new things in life is surprisingly difficult – where should you go to learn all the new skills you want to learn? Some recommend going to evening school, others by participating in skill share via one of the seemingly endless advertisements of famous YouTubers.

    But what if you want something more convenient? Something you can take with you while driving?

    Skills Co. is an app that is entirely focused on that idea, so you learn all kinds of useful skills to improve your life.

    Skills Co. is an app that is entirely focused on that idea, so that you learn all kinds of useful skills to improve your life.

    To get started, sign up and choose a few different categories you want to learn more about, whether it's life skills, business or even sports techniques.

    After choosing a few specialized keywords that exactly match what you want to view, you will be taken to a huge compendium of different skills-sharing platforms, all designed to inform you about what you want.

    At present, the number of different skills sharing lessons is quite limited because the app is still so new, but there are still a large number of different options available. You can see an example of certain lessons, see what they offer and what kind of things you can learn from experts.

    The most interesting thing about Skills Co. is that you can really make your own lessons! By recording and preparing a series of different lessons on different topics, you can then sell it for an amount that Skills Co. recommend for you. You get 90% of the sale price, with just a small amount to Skills Co. for administrative and hosting costs.

    From there you can sell your skills to other app users and not only teach people what you know, but also make money in the process.

    Skills Co. is in this way not only a way to learn new skills, but also to share your own skills and teach the world.

    Although there are different ways to learn skills and expertise, including some options on the app marketplace, Skills Co. the potential to be a leader in education because it is not only simple, clean and reasonably priced. , but it is also surprisingly easy to navigate and understand.

    There is no waste of UI space and there are no boring interruptions of advertisements or unnecessary fluff.

    There is no waste of UI space, nor are there any boring interruptions of advertisements or unnecessary fluff?

    The entire app is exactly what it says; a way to learn new skills and advertise your own skills. So, if you are looking to broaden your horizons or just to share your unique skillset, then Skills Co. the perfect app for you.

    Our assessment

    Able to both purchase new skills and give others your own expertise. Clean and usable ascetic.There are not many different lessons available at the moment.

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