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    Spotify calmly tests an Instagram-style Stories function for artists


    With the success of the ' stories ' feature on Snapchat, it is no wonder that other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Messengereven twitter jumped on the bandwagon, some of which even caught up with the popularity of the initiators.

    Now it's Spotify's turn to try out the short-lived narrative approach, where the music streaming platform quietly tries out a feature called the Storyline.

    Although the format is quite similar to the function of Instagram and Snapchat, the biggest difference in Spotify's approach is to allow artists to communicate with their listeners through a range of ' maps ' which can be cycled through.

    The storyline is displayed under the transport buttons of a song and – once you've picked it up – offers further insight from the artists themselves. It is located above or below the existing section ' Behind the Lyrics & # 39 ;, which contains lyrics and information retrieved from Spotify ' s partner, Genius.

    Unlike Behind the Lyrics, Storyline allows users to browse through the cards at their own pace rather than in time with the music. It is also information provided directly to Spotify by the artist, although there is no sign of a submission tool displayed in the service artist dashboard, indicating that only selected artists currently have the privilege.

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    The feature appears in selected users' mobile apps in both iOS and Android (but currently not on the desktop) in multiple territories, although there is no official word about who exactly has been selected.

    There is no guarantee that the storyline feature will see a permanent public rollout, but if the tests prove to be successful, we will likely see more artists using the service to communicate directly with their fans.

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