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    Tag: Future

    The message News: Could this Sea-Thru algorithm be the future of underwater photography? first appeared on Digital Photography School. It is written by Jaymes Dempsey. Photo by James Thornton via Unsplash. Underwater photographers may soon have a way to "remove water" from their photos based on research by Derya Akkaynak and Tali Treibitz at the […]
    The switch to 100G is happening at a fast pace and soon it will be the go-to speed for networks. It is of course no secret that speed makes a noticeable difference for your network. As a result, 100G will soon become a necessity for many organizations in the future. However, before you immediately start […]
    Businesses have made great strides in adopting new technologies as part of their digital transformation efforts. However, as companies have turned to new tools to increase their productivity, they continue to rely on email and other ageing technologies to communicate. Collaboration platforms have grown in popularity recently as they allow teams to work together more […]
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